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Andalgalornis sculpture

An Andalgalornis hanging out in a creek bed.

This was done in super sculpty.
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HP PhotoSmart 618 (V1.10)
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1/128 second
Focal Length
5 mm
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Date Taken
May 15, 2000, 11:56:30 AM
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Great job! How big is the scultpure? Is the picture made in photoshop? I like it!
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It's about 4 inches tall and I took a picture of the sculpture in a small stream.
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Well, I think it is a wonderful work. How big was Andalgornis when it was alive? Was bigger then Kekelken? Terror birds are cool, I am sculpting a Titanis.
Nice to meet some one who likes them.
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fabulous! I really like it!
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Both the photo and the sculpture are a very good job.
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So regarding phorusrachids, do you think that they had clawed-fingered wings or that they had normal unclawed wings like those of modern birds (excluding juvenile Amazonian hoatzins of course). I have viewed arguements on both sides of the issue and i am a little skeptical about the clawed theory; it is based on the bird's orientation of its wrist or something, right? From what i have read, no forearm, and therefor no clawed fingers, have been found for this bird's wing. So personally, i give the bird the benefit of the doubt and believe that it was unclawed (and why would it need them with that enormous beak and huge talons), though my own thoughts are just based on what i have read. I just wanted to know what your specific view is?
By the way, your gallery is amazing and this particular sculpture is phenomenal, the colors are so aesthetically pleasing!
I love your work and I apologize for asserting my views upon you (damn my scientific curiosity!)
ooh, i also wanted to know is this a N American phorusrachid or a S American one?
Thanks and keep on truckin'!
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Ah, finally this one enters DA! :) I`ve admired this one since the beginning!
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Not very hard, about the same as sculpting skin detail or scales there is just a bit more relief required.

I really think sculpted feathers look far better than glued on ones. They are even neater if you sculpt the rachis like I did in my Bobwhite sculpt.


I'm going to start a Velociraptor soon and will sculpt the feathers for it as well.

Here's a really awsome woodcarver , he shows just how realistic man made feathers can be * plus his art is downright awsome*

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How hard were the feathers? I've been thinking of doing some 3D maniraptor restorations and I'm trying to decide between real feathers or just modeling them.
I like the colours that you chose. The irridescence looks really good.
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