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Time to Let Go (daily day 12)

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I mostly procrastinated all day and didn't finish anything so here's an older sketch I didn't find good enough to post before. At the time when I drew it I was thinking about implementing some kind of storytelling into my drawings, which still is a huge weakness for me, but didn't really pursue it much. Maybe in the future...

Just for some proof that some new drawing has been done today at least, here's some design doodles I did at work, not that you can see anything since my phone camera is pretty abysmal:
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I actually did that today. My hair was down to my tailbone and I just up and cut it to just meeting at my shoulders. Its just too hot and muggy for long hair. x o x
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That's nice, I think short hair looks really cool.
I once had hair to the length of something like my mid-back, it wasn't great looking though since my hair gets all curly as it gets longer... Also windy days suck.
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cute design, keep at it!
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I Aldo want yo CUT off muy hair
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This piece is utterly adorable in a peculiar way.
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