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Adventurer Girl

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Here's a newer experimental piece. I haven't really done a lot of personal pieces recently so I'm not quite sure where I want my style to be. Not sure about some parts of it, but I like others. What do you think? I'd be grateful for any opinions on how to make it better. : )

For some reason that little piece of meat bone thing makes me happy. It's so weird, but how else will you recover your HP after fighting those slimes all day?
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She looks fantastic~
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She's a cute adventurer
Adorable and fascinating. Feels like a character piece  from a classic SNES RPG.
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This girl looks like me! XD 
very cute and she looks like she's got a lot of spirit and such!

Well done work you did here!
I like your job hehe, the color, the draw is very amazing. I like it ;p
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It looks fine to me. I like the "creamy" feeling of the colors. Maybe you could have made the light source a little bit more intense, so that the skinn had "poped" more, but it looks mighty fine. What are the things you are not yet convinced by?
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This style reminds me of the old Playstation RPG days where the characters were more interesting and original. I do like it.
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Thanks, it does have a sort-of old-school feel to it.
To be honest though, I had her drawn in a shirt and shorts, and just added random bags and things to her. I find it strange that people like the design.
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You play tabletop RPGs?

If yes what's the meanest thing a character ever did?
For my playgroup it was switching one character's soap with some fat, he got a pet dragon becuse of it though.
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I've never really played any, I would like to at some point.
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They're fun, but it's hard to find good dungeon masters.
If you want to get into it look for game stores near you,, those may host events for games but require participation fee usually.
Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition it's good way to be introduced to the  games, for more complexity I recommend Pathfinder but avoid Pathfinder Playtest edition since they kinda broke some mechanics mostly around casters and items.
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She is SUPER cute! Judging from the exposed midriff (hot as it is >////>), either she's just starting out and needs armor, or she's going for a barbarian role. I assume the former at least because of your description! Good work overall!
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This is the kind of character I want to see and play as in adventure games! :D
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i love this style <3
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That Sword on the Back reminds me of the Broken one from the Leper.
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I really love this and would love seeing more in this style!
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