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You should go with the "record region" in the mockups in Kazam. Other than that, loving Kazam. I just really need the record region option.
Beautiful work with Kazam Andrew, we ware in need of something simple, with very nice features and elegant as Kazam for screencasting in Linux. Thank you very much for sharing your awesome work with us.
Hi Andrew, I came across the Dropbox icons you made on your personal blog, and I'll like to port them for use with a dark panel. Would you share the source SVGs with me?

Also: I'd like to have a look at the code for your Wasiliana mock-up - it looks like a great place to start learning modern web programming.

I like it too! simple and efficient. I don't know if you have plans for a menubar (please don't) if you do please drop them it's perfect as it is no one needs idiotic File and Edit menus :p

Now all is left to do is copy this into a calendar app *goes learn C*
Thankyou very much, it is really encouraging when I get these comments :-)
Hit the reply button to reply to people's comments, as that notifies them of your reply ;)

However: I hope Kazaam will rock :D
Keek up the good work with Wasiliana!