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next by and-speak next :iconand-speak:and-speak 3 1
and they say
      i love you
and i say
      i’m a they
and suddenly
i vanish
:iconand-speak:and-speak 13 5
last time grounded
and the last time i saw you
you didn’t see me
sitting on a rock
outside the coffee shop i
glimpsed you walking by —
    as soon as you were gone
    i became stone, too
the last time i spoke with you, you
texted, saying
if this is goodbye, i’m sorry i wasn’t enough
      (to keep you alive)
and the only other time after that you
asked for your things
to be sent back to you -
    the board game we played
    the flannel you lent me
    and a book i gifted you
it’s been nearly a year now and
i’m still the sky and
i got higher for a while and
still far from grounded
if being grounded was
as easy as becoming stone
i would surely be a
:iconand-speak:and-speak 19 4
Mature content
wake (of my own) :iconand-speak:and-speak 12 2
and the sage
on my windowsill almost
died and
so did i but
      still, we breathe
i’ve wrapped a
flag around my wounds
and it’s made of
people like me it
absorbs me, it’s as if
              i am the apple juice i drink
      in place of the veuve clicquot
      my mother has become and
      even though she isn’t french
it consumed her too
:iconand-speak:and-speak 15 1
dragon taxonomy by and-speak dragon taxonomy :iconand-speak:and-speak 5 1
middle of a storm
and the calm of the skies is silence—
silence of deadly storms rests eyes
      for just a moment
silence of a highway
      when no wheels shift their
      weight on it
silence of
      snow hugging the bases of
      trees, it falls— flakes
      onto the backs of
      flurries onto the backs of
      the blizzard’s winds
silence of when you
      hope that when your hand
      embraces hers
      she wont pull away
—and the sound of the skies is open eyes
:iconand-speak:and-speak 14 4
old friend new shirt by and-speak old friend new shirt :iconand-speak:and-speak 7 3
and watching the
shape of the window
crawl up the wall in
yellowed light —
      earth shifts beneath
      with ease it
if suns could choose
      between being
      beings of light or
      beings of life, i wonder —
clouds, peculiar things if i
gathered up their
condensation in a jar
would they still be a cloud
maybe just
       a collection of sky-tears
would they still
tiptoe on the heels of the earth
throw tantrums
become shy enough to
leaving the earth
to whirl alone
:iconand-speak:and-speak 18 3
hannah by and-speak hannah :iconand-speak:and-speak 6 5
first dreamt when i was eleven
and after pulling
the body of my mother from
the driver side window
      (her coach purse dyed
      with the maroon of her blood)
it soaked everything
i looked around and there was
no one
i screamed, shaking, yelling
stop at the red sign she had
bent over, now a metal pretzel baking
in exposed engine heat
:iconand-speak:and-speak 16 4
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and (they/them)
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and i am not so much a spectacular person as i am just a spectacle

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