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February 26, 2014
TMNT by Ancorgil
Featured by Ikue
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Compilation with all four ninja turtles redesigns....cowabunga!
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I think the redesign is impressive. You manage to give the turtles a bit of realism in their design.

El-Jorro's avatar

The best part is how you made each brother a different type of turtle.

TabisaNekosan's avatar

So Raphael is a Snapping Turtle. What are the other Turtles?

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I'm Greenminer from Studio Scoffers, I'm looking for a colorist for the TMNT fan film Ghosts In The Attic , it is a fan film about the fifth turtle Vinny, this is a nonprofit film so this is a non paying job but you will be given credit and your name will be on the front of the film. The movie is done in the style of anime and is very high speed, high-quality film so I am looking for a very skilled turtle fan who is ready and willing to jump full-heartedly into this film. Turtle power! Contact me if you are interested.
kouliousis's avatar
These are absolutely awesome!
Original as well!
bp2345's avatar
Why aren't we funding this? Image a movie with the turtles looking like this!
CameronWSmith's avatar
Just stumbled across this when Googling for turtle monster ideas.
An awesome take on a childhood classic. Well done mate! If only the reboots could create something as visually impressive!
Diglou's avatar
So cool! Great job, looks really awesome!
JessicaMalanowski03's avatar
They look great. These designs are awesome. :)
Aang10's avatar
You ought to do Dogpound/Rahzar and Fishface from TMNT 2012
ThePaleMage's avatar
this is one of the best fan arts of anything ever
Guyverman's avatar
One downside is that they are lacking their signature masks. It's like leaving the cape out of Superman.

I appreciate your efforts regardless.
I like it, but I feel they still look like they're suffering from Bay syndrome...
MashedPaDaders's avatar
I think Raphiel is my favorite
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CatFishFemmeFatale's avatar
Love love love this 
Razorwingproject201's avatar
Looks way better than the Bay's turtles:cutenod: 
they still don't look like teenagers, reason that bay's version sucks, at least in my view.
Razorwingproject201's avatar
True... but this is why I watch the cartoon show. Now those are teenagers at least the nickelodeon ones are.
Also the bay turtle's designs are hard to get used to
indeed, maybe if they were adults that would be their look. Regardless, after seeing the first movie... (such a waste), I feel there are some things that should never leave animation.
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