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I am the Eggman

Sonic is doomed
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Awesome pic but it's pure nightmare fuel.
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Hail Robotnik indeed. :]
Robert64dd's avatar had to be done
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"Snively what color is my heart?"
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"I... I don’t see a heart, sir..."

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Six years late, you must be very patient.

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All my machines are made for destruction
I will build my empire!
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I will succeed and you will see

With my machines, there is no retreat!

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Oh wait, it's just Robotnik =D

Awesome Pic dude ^^
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It kinda looks like his nostrils are on fire.
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okay that comment made me laugh soo hard
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I was just playing Sonic & Knuckles a few minutes ago so seeing this in passing made me stop and ask, " that who I think it is?" Well done.
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Is it just me or does Robotnic's Mustache always look like overgrown nose hair.
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Even more scary...
I love this expression. This is the kind of face that really hates and steal adorable woodland creatures. <3
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Wow, really intense!
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This realistic Eggman looks a lot better than the one from '06. Nice job!
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