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Save Megaman

This is for megaman legends 3 project.
It is more than just getting Legends 3, because capcom is trying to kill Megaman lately.

Dont forget to fave the facebook group and to get your servot number in capcom-unity if you want megaman legends 3 to be released!

Esto es por el proyecto Megaman Legends 3.

Es mas que conseguir Legends 3, porque capcom esta intentando matar a Megaman ultimamente.

No olvides clickar "me gusta" en el grupo de facebook y conseguir vuestro numero de servot en capcom-unity si quereis que hay aun megaman legends 3!


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YEAH!💓 We've gotta get Volnutt kun back home, it's the least all of us can do in repayment 4 all the good he's done. From the🌕 back to 🌏!!!!
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YAH! We can save him!
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Oh great.  Now I've got that awful High School Musical song stuck in my head again.
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Dunno why. I never wached high school musical nor hear the songs
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Well, there's always YouTube.  But I gotta warn you, the songs get stuck in your head for a while.
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It's coming back from the dead read my journal for the details.
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Lol I am in the group's backstage already. In fact they mention me in the last Roll's wrap up ^.-
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We can make it happen! Legends never die yet it'll be us who will Keep The Legend Alive!
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yep xD. they will regret that decition for a looong time. I will keep on making posters in the future - now I am resting of rockman legends XD
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Same here. You earn a supporter man. Is it okay if I can ask you something? It's not a request but I'm wondering if someday you could pull off something absolutely crazy... for Megaman's 25th Anniversary in 2012.
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define: crazy

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Basically it's all the main Mega Man (including mine maybe) together looking at the person watching the picture honoring Mega Man's 25th Anniversary.
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mmm well that seems pretty standard. I dont know if I will do something, because I dont use to do fanart for videogames aniversary, but I will see if I will have some idea for it
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Sure. :) Because Mega Man has had it rough this year. :(
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tell me about that xP. thats why I started my personal revolution xP. this year I hardly had draw anything non related with megamam
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dont worry, thats just megamans new arm cannon >3
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Muy bueno este también... :3
Me gusta el fondo... *-*
Todo está muy bien logrado... X3
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muchas gracias ^^ en realidad tenia que tener una base espacial en el fondo pero no quedo bien xP. A ver si uno de estos dias encuentro tiempo para entrar en el msn y hablar un poco ^^
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Ok... :3
Que te vaya bien~!!! X3
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its not like capcom wants to get rid of megaman. its more like they want to get rid of inafune's megaman. for me there is a lot of chances that this is a kind of revenge against him. To be honest, the fact that 3ds was not a success is the main reason why the game was canceled, still the stuff with marvel vs capcom, and the fact that they didnt released the legends 3 prototype, smells more like a revenge. megaman universe... its a mixture of boths. The game had to be tuned, and the critics weren't exactly good for those who played, so that played against finishing the development.

In other words, in capcom mainly you can find people that thinks in the business, but between them, some are pretty anoyed with inafune. So, if they find a small reason to boicot their games, they will use it to make a pressure group.

The thing is, Inafune said some stuff that got people angry when he left, but those things were true. if they dont change their philosophy, they will lose lot of market. And this way to act they are having now, its clearly somethign to get money the easier way posible whitout changing their philosphy. I foresee a downside in their sales, and probably a renovation between the companie directives soon.
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