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First time using this critique thing.

Proportions: The first thing I noticed was there was something going on with proportions and perspective. He is around 9 heads tall, usually heroic proportions max at 8 as humanoids (even for a blood elf), 7 -7.5 is what I usually end up with. His upper half is in proportion, however his lower half is about 1.5 times too large (wide and long).

Perspective: The eye line and where things diminish. The wall you have on the right there remains the same size as it moves back into space, it should diminish, as things going away from the viewer diminish in size and saturation. If you employ aerial perspective for that BG it will also push it back and bring him forward. To accomplish this you can bring up, and group the values together so there is very little contrast, and place some atmosphere between the elements in your background to create a sense of overlap of shape, reinforcing your perspective.

Color & Value (tone): Your color use of warms and cools is a good one, it is the value that can be improved. Group your values in the background more so there is less contrast, this will pull the character off the surface and create the illusion of space. A simple rule (which definitely does not have to always be followed) is the background and the subject have a play of warm and cool. The wall at right, if we look at its base where there is shadow, you have a little blue in there which is great, it is too dark however (it is darker than the characters shadow) and because it is around lighter values it is high contrast.

Lighting: Because there are shadows cast you can tell where you have placed your light source, however the light is not acting on the character in a believable manner. To get more out of your lighting try to put in some rim lighting. For example, to the right side of your character, if you throw on a warm yellow/orange highlight along the arm/boot weapon, armor etc it will support your focal point (your character). Think planar when working the light over the surfaces.

Composition: You have 2 large tangents at the top by his shield, and the bottom by his boot, which makes him appear too large for the view space. The shield is creating a bit of a shape with the left edge of the painting because it is almost perfectly parallel to it. Adding in more diagonal shapes and lines will help sell the pose as something dynamic.

Thank you for your work, I can tell you put in some heart into this, I only want you to be the best you can be, it looks like you have the drive <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/>
Blood Elf Paladin

lol the butt does have armor.

Protoss Zealot - Back

I'm not but I can send you the file if you'd like to get it printed :)

PanzerDragoonFanArt Type2forWeb
Sorry for getting back to you so late! You are welcomed to use my work.
The Gates of Hell