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Using a catalog model as a reference I created this using a Wacom tablet and openCanvas.
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The skin tones are excellent. Umm, not familiar with openCanvas, is that an open-source app? We're running on GIMP, PhotoScape, PaintStar (freeware and or opensource) and Windows paint and Microsoft Digital Image. Lottsa fun!
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openCanvas is sort of like Photoshop-light since it has layers and some other essential features - but it has very few effects. It is not free but pretty reasonably priced - about $70. You can check it out at It's made by a Japanese group and targeted at the manga crowd. Before Photoshop Essentials, it was the only low-priced program I found on Windows that had a lot of the needed features presented in an easy-to-use UI. Of course GIMP is out there on Windows too.

One really neat feature in openCanvas is that it saves all your actions - you can replay what you did to create an image, or see how others did it.
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Thanks for the info and the link, we checked it out and will probably get it down the road. It took a while but we've been having a lot of fun with GIMP as of late. Guess you know about GIMPShop, someone at sourceforge took GIMP and tried to remodel it along PhotoShop lines. It's......okay but still has bugs - like, it'll arbitrarily change the number of pixels in a picture for no reason. I sent in a bug report but haven't gotten a response yet. But it has great potential!

And hey - have a great day!