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Anc 16 by FelipeVOtero
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Egyptian Mystery :: Perhonen : Sokari : KinuskiIn typical fashion, the desert heat was enough to take down even the mightiest of Kukuri when it struck noon. With the sun at the highest point in the sky, it was simply too hot to carry out normal duties, the sand would burn and the air would choke, not to mention the winds would toss the sand particles at high speeds, a natural cheese grater if you will. Perhonen watched the rays bake the desert, the world a brilliant gold, with an electric blue sky, not a single cloud in sight. Of course, it was normal this way, but it was always much nicer to deal with such heat in the palaces of the Pharaoh. Her blue eyes gazed out, seeing the white shape of her brother flying through the air, a gentle tut leaving her as he finally landed, embracing the cooler winds that breezed through the open doorways. "You could be fried alive if you stay out there all day... the gods probably took pity on you this time" She moved to fuss over him, Sokari smirking gently. "I'm quite alright sister" He assured her, hearing the click of other claws, another aerial approaching them. He wore more jewels than the pair, carrying himself high with majestic feathers crowning his head and tail, gently drifting along the floor. "You should heed your sister's warning. The gods do not take pity on those that are stupid" Kinuskikreme spoke, the two smaller aerials bowing their heads to him slowly. "Yes father" Sokari spoke, before lifting his head to talk to both his father and sister. "There's a reason, I was out there" He added, wanting to at least assure them.. he wasn't stupid. He was a priest after all, for the pharaoh's daughter, Princess Khaa. "I had heard rumours floating that there was thievery, eggs have been snatched from their parents, straight out of nests. There have been a few eye witnesses, and the thievings are growing each day... I think it's something we need to look into" Sokari spoke, and Perhonen blinked at her brother. "Egg napping? I've never heard of such a thing on a large scale.. It's not.. uncommon to hear of it from parents that have lost eggs previously but.. do we know how many?" Perhonen asked, and Kinuskikreme nodded a little to Sokari, as if to give him permission to keep talking. "So far, I've heard of 15.. and it seems to be limited to close to the palace... so it must be someone that knows the area well, and can avoid obvious detection by the public.." Sokari finished, seeing his father straighten up, feathers flaring for just a moment as he focused his hard gaze out to the white and gold courtyard, a brilliant blue pool that was decorated with cut shrubs and white pillars. "Once the sun has dipped, we will investigate, and locate the place with the most recent theft" He decided, Kinuskikreme's feathers flared once more as he lay down his word. His children both nodded their heads again, and Sokari moved to rest by the thin silken sheets that covered one of the open doorways, providing shade whilst still allowing light to shine through. Perhonen joined him, and he cast his sister a worried glance. "I hope they can be found" She breathed, her brother nodding quietly. By the time the sun had indeed begun to sink, Kinuskikreme was true to his word, taking to the air with both Perhonen and Sokari, the koi birds looking majestic as they flew in their formation, the sands of Egypt shifting below. Sokari was careful, signalling a certain house to his family, swooping lower to land within the street. Perhonen saw the house in question, following her brother as their father remained in the air to check for danger a moment longer, before following suit. Sokari pad gently to the white coated house, likely made of mud and sand, as most places were. Only the pharaohs could build palaces of stone, or at least those with the most money. A mother answered the koi aerials call, looking grief stricken and sick, bowing in their presence and letting them in. Perhonen instantly went to comfort the mother, shivering as she thought about her own offspring being taken. Kinuskikreme waited patiently for the mother to recover, Perhonen sitting her down, before the High Priest cleared his throat. "What did you see, what can you tell us?" Kinuskikreme asked, hit one calm and patient, though still held the air of authority. "I've always looked after my eggs in the same way as everyone else.. during the day the eggs remain in the main house, away from the direct sun, and during the evening, once dinner has been served, I usually sit outside with the egg so it can keep warm before it gets cold for the night" She shuddered. "I had placed them outside, and I turned to answer a question my husband had, though turned to see some... small creature had snatched them the moment I had turned my back" She breathed, and Perhonen blinked, Sokari glancing between his father and sister. "What did you see of the creature?" Sokari asked, and the mother shuddered again. "It was... small, no bigger than below the hock.. jet black in colour with glowing blue spots. It made.. an almost screeching sound, and hissing, before it ran away" She answered, and Sokari blinked, having never heard of such a creature. Perhonen was just as perplexed, her feathers standing on end for a moment. "Are you certain?" Perhonen asked the mother, and was met with a definitive nod, with no doubt in her mind. Perhonen blinked up as she saw her father pace out of the home, and gazing around the area where the mother mentioned she had placed the eggs with suspicion. Sokari and Perhonen glanced at each other once more, their feathers flicking as they made sure the mother settled, and padded outside to meet their father. "You know what it is?" Perhonen asked Kinuskikreme, more of a statement however than a question. The older aerial nodded, his face stoic as he looked around the theft site for clues. "Keep your eyes open, and your senses high.. anything can be a clue" He told them. "I've heard of something like this before.. Only in previous scribes, however, old documents from thousands of years back. It is not written about elsewhere, it's believed to be a curse" Kinuskikreme answered. Perhonen blinked, pacing slowly as she gazed about the street, blinking as she saw a black tar like substance, calling the others over. Sokari blinked as he saw it, his tail flicking in concern. "Is that the curse?" He asked, and Kinuskikreme half nodded. "The Infection, it was previously called. Small creatures with glowing infected organic growths on their body... capable of spreading it to Kukuri. It turns them mad, not themselves. They become impossibly strong... I pray we have not upset the gods to the point where they have turned on us. We must stop this, before it's too late" Kinuskikreme told his children, shivers running across the backs of Perhonen and Sokari....

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Mature Content

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Hathor by Von186

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