GoldenWood Stable Breeding Rules.

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Some simple rules to keep in mind when you decide to breed to ANY AND ALL of my horses.

1. Please notify me which horse you intend to breed to mine, so I can mark them down. As well as link me to the
    the foal so I can add them to my horses ref. I love seeing the foals.<3

2. If you chose a point and BreedPic Option, Horses must be full Body -no background required unless other wise stated. If Paypal please note me directly for info on that.

3. It's required that I, Ancientboo, get one breeding slot to the resulting foal, unless otherwise stated during payment.

4.  You are forbidden to sell/give away breeding slots from my horses if you are in possession of any!

5. There will be NO REFUNDS for paid slots.

6. I DONT ALLOW INBREEDING OR TYPE (Mainly Meaning Equus-Ballator ) MIX BREEDING. The only exception to this is mountain and forest
breeding for EBs, as they are safe to breed together. As I will not risk the death of my horses.

7. (New As Of Feb 2017) ALL ART PAYMENTS must be completed within two weeks, unless it is discussed for a longer period. If not completed I will not be refunding any points or other payments already given. Sorry, for any inconvenience, but due to previous issues with people not finishing art this new rule is implemented.Its made it difficult for me to trust those who want to pay by art.

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