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UPFA Round 1: Bring It On!



UPFA Crest by Fargonon

GWS 1036 Adalricus X Faucibus Mundi
"As micheal pulled the trailer around he unloaded the loose cannon of a horse Adalricus, the stallions nostrils or flared red. His manes rattling as he saw a few stallions quietly being led to the make shift stalls. As he was looped around his mouth nearly bit at micheal as he pulled his head away just before Adalricus could. "Not yet not yet.. calm down.." he commanded sighing. This horse was strong but still fairly young which meant he was unpredictable. Micheal led him to the arena watching the bets taking place as the horse was shown like the others. He put down his own bet money on his horse as he put adalricus into the pen. He was up first. The stallion paced in the sand seeing his opponent, digging at the wood fence. His teeth bared as his nose flared. It was clear on his face that he wanted after the other stallion. As best were finished adalricus watched the gates begin to pull apart. In a manner of seconds he crossed the distance between him and his prey. Fangs out and ready to fight. The mountain stallion went charging in the only thought on his mind was to ram into him."
(Word Count:204 )

Total Stats:
Full Body +3
Detailed Background +3
Other EB full body +2
Entry Completion +1AS (For Adalricus)
Writing +2 (For Abalricus)
Faucibus Mundi: 8 Stat Points
Adalricus: 11 Stat Points
Stock Ref for leg help  absurdus
Faucibus Mundi Akmu
Adalricus me 
EB's are NOT a free breed, if you are interested in one, please click the group icon to find out more about them. EB's Belong to Fargonon

Artwork is Copyrighted to ME Brandonleffers/ST You MAY NOT use, alter, trace, upload or do anything with my artwork without my strict written permission.
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Awesome! Very cool scene. It made me click on the next. Love the horns on both and the colors of the one on the right!