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Abel moved through the odd path, he found himself on. The stallion picked up pace, confused about where he'd managed to stumble upon too. The stallion moved carefully through what seemed to be a jungle like place. He shifted trotting through trying to see if anything looked familiar. "Ok...I was just going for a stroll a moment and somehow ended up here." the stallion looked back behind him hearing a soft noise. His ears perked around his cosmic crown that dangled along his face. He bent his head down and up nervously. Abel cleared his throat before watching his companion border collie came trotting out wagging its tail. Abel breathed a sigh of relief seeing the dog bounce around his legs. " scared me have to death." his muscles relaxed as his ears perked. "Now then where did we end up.." the dog parked sniffing and moving forward. Abel Followed "You know I still have yet to name you.." he followed admiring the greenery. Again, another noise, his ears perked high. The stallion and dog moved quietly towards the noise, though as they turned the corner of the stall appears before them. Abel pauses, "I don't remember that being you?" he looks to his companion dog.

The dog seems to sniff something moving behind the stall to bump into Puck. Abel whistles "Hey..come here dont bother..that poor ballator.." Abel came around startled seeing puck and his companion dog licking Puck's face excited to meet another friend. "Im sorry about that" abel exclaims, looking down at Puck and the dog scooting him away. Puck groans sitting up before standing. "Welcome to my wares.." abel than noticed the stand. " have so many trinkets? I dont think Ive ever seen this before.." abel stepped back as Puck stood. The collie moving about abel's legs to find a spot to sit and wag his tail.

Puck nodded their head toward all of their wares "No, I wasnt here before but I am here now..feel free to look..but dont touch. It could have consequences." they chuckled, sitting back on their haunches. Abel looked over all the items he'd never seen before, pelts and shiny bits and bottles. The stallion took his time exploring and peeking back at puck."So how long will this be here?" abel wondered as Puck seemed to smile. "Only during the highlord holidays..." Abel looked back at his collie who was asleep belly side up. Clearly his dog didnt consider Puck a threat. It calmed Abel some as the silence loomed over the three on this sunny afternoon.

" nice as it has been to meet you, and your trinkets are quite intriguing I should probably be on my way.." abel muttered waking the collie up. Puck watched mildly amused "Before you go I should give you something for making it out here." Abel backed up a little nervous, flicking his tail. "Im not in need of anything..and it was pure dumb luck I got here."abel laughed lightly. " have come tell me, what is your favorite number.." Puck stood there intent upon their question.

Abel stood firm a moment thinking way to hard over this simple question. He had never given it much thought before. His eyes looked to the collie who tilted his head back barking. "My favorite number..." abel mumbled as Puck waited silently. Abel spun a bit on his heel counting out loud. "..12...the same number as spots on my coat. Including the ones hidden by my mane." Abel spoke confidently. He waited as Puck dug out an egg. The male blinked as he was handed it. "Thank you.." he turned with the crown on his head, egg in tow, followed by his dog.

    BallatorGWS 990 Abelardus
    Word Count: 619
    Stat Breakdown:
     +3 (600 Words)
     +4 Extra Characters (Companion/Puck)
     Cosmic Crown +1 AS & +1 Intelligence
Dog -Adds +1 Speed and +2 Intelligence
       = 12 Total

 *Depicting Puck +50 Denarii 


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