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RQ lvl 4: (Hoc) Final Act 1





"The Final Act" -Part One. As a final rite of passage, Regale has requested that your Ballator hunts for an
illusive huckleberry patch. 
 Art Requirements: Fullbody,  and Regale OR prey required, and background required  AND 500 word story required

Ballator(s) Pictured: GWS 2495 Hoc est bellum
Item(s), Companions, and/or Rank: Rookie
Region: Europe
Object Being hunted: Berries/Herbs

Link to Hunting Tracker:  BrandonLeffer's Hunting Tracker

Number of Words (if applicable): n/a
Stat Count: 9

Featuring My Horse:
GWS 2495 Hoc est bellum

Hoc est Bellum spoke with Regale, he wasnt quite content being alone, with the male. Hed seen regale often but it had always been in company with other horses working on these quests. "Find the illusive huckleberries or hunt down one of the of these animals. Bull Moose...Bull Gaur...Bull Giant Eland...or Bull Elk." regales words echoed in Hoc est Bellum's ears as he perked them forward. "Those are my choices. Hm, interesting prospects..." he paced a little lost in his own thoughts deciding on what would work best for him and what he was capable of. The black stallion looked up ready to ask a question but regale had vanished. He sometimes wondered if Regale wasnt a ghost, or a lord himself. The old looking stallion was so light footed and princely looking. It always took him off guard to see the stallion and than watch him vanish before his purple eyes. Hoc est Bellum walked forward a moment curious to see if he was still there lurking somewhere in the shadows. His eyes scanned the horizon line looking for any figure or movement. Hoc est Bellum's hooves stepped into the woods even just to be sure. "Huckleberries I think thats the way to go..." he stood a moment thinking about the different types of berries, and the one he was looking for. Trying to remember if hed seen them before, or even had eaten some as well. The black stallion flicked his mane over not in a huge rush to find the berries. After all rome wasnt built in a day or at least that was what hed heard humans say from time to time. The stallion left his stables and the green grass area hed met Regale in sniffing the ground. The males scent was here so he presumed Regale couldnt be a ghost, or he would leave no scent right? Hoc est Bellum took off the following morning in a soft trot humming to himself and enjoying a light breakfast of fresh water dewed grass. The stallion smiled "Today..I quest on my own!!" he puffed and rattled his manes. With a quick flick of the head the stallion was off on the search. With a happy tummy Hoc est Bellum was well on his way in hunt for those illusive huckleberries. He knew the berries were a dark purple and were a bush berry. The black stallion kept his head low having fun with this. Hoc est Bellum hummed along searching in bush after bush. His nose sniffing the ground and rustling through the undergrowth looking. The black stallion knew it wouldnt be easy, Regale never really handed out a easy quest, most were quite lengthy. Not to mention the sheer number hed done with others. The male smiled at the thought it had been a great bonding experience with a stallion he admired and a mare that absolutely terrified him. He couldnt lie remembering that mare, he figured hed never see her again, or even the stabled buddy hed made. As the day carried on Hoc est Bellum slowed to a walk in tall grassy fields noticing a few small to medium size bushes. His eyes narrowed, could it be, he galloped over getting excited. The black stallion looked at the small patch of bushes and trotted in place. "I found them...I found them.." he trotted around the bushes dancing and prancing. He probably looked like a foal excited over a toy as he leaned down. "Wait how much of this am I suppose to bring again?" he dropped his ears reaching for a branch and stopping. "What if its not enough...this isnt my territory I dont want to be here long.." the small little panics set in as the male looked at the bush lifting a eyebrow. "I know...Ill just take the whol bush...nothing wrong with that right?" he laughed awkwardly reaching his face down and painfully grabbing at the base of the bush. The black stallion tugged and tugged hearing the roots slowly come loose and bend to his wants. Hoc est Bellum kept pulling until finally the bush pulled out completely as he stood up with the whole bush in his mouth. "Gwot witt.." he smiled leaving.  
 Word Count: 712
Stats For All Horses: (Total:7)
+2 Simple Background
+3 For FullBody
+2 For 400 Words

References venomxbaby  <3 
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