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RQ lvl 4: Final Act 2 Hoc and Abel



  PART 2 
If you chose to hunt a prey animal, draw your character presenting the proof of the hunt to Regale by having him/her show the skull or horns of the animal to Regale.
Art Requirements: Fullbody,  and Regale OR prey required, and background required  AND 500 word story required

Featuring My Horses:
GWS 2495 Hoc est bellum

Abel was on his way back to where hed last seen regale, going to try tracking him from there, thinking itd be the easiest way to find him. He carried the Bull Elk's horns on his back as he came back only to stumble over a old friend. "Hoc...what are you doing here?" he stopped looking at the black stallion. Hoc stood dropping the bush his mouth quite sore from carrying it around for days looking for Regale. "Im looking for complete this last quest.." he saw the elk's horns on Abels back. Abel laughed " I am also searching for regale he seems to be quite hard to find nowadays" as he thought a moment. "Why dont we try looking for him together?" he suggested as Hoc nodded. Hoc picked up his bush and began to walk along with Abel through the fields. Abel looked one way and Hoc looked the other as they searched for Regale moving into a trot as they spent the morning with no luck in the great search. Hoc set the branch down "How long have you been searching cause Ive been with this dumb branch for wondering if the berries are even gonna make it." he laughed as he looked at Abel. The bay stallion laughed "Not to worry Hoc will find him one way or another. His quite good at popping up at random and when needed." he smiled encouraging his friend as the search continued. As they continued they finally stumbled upon the grand stallion. Hoc looked relieved as a fish to be in water as he dropped the huckleberry bush, trotting forward quite happy, as he looked at the stallion. "Here is the huckleberry bush...I didnt know how much to bring so I grabbed a whole bush.." the black stallion spoke smiling and finally relaxing. Regale looked down at the items with a soft smile on his face. Hoc stepped back a bit looking at abel who had the Bull Elk horn's on his back. The stallion stepped forward as he got the horns off of his back. "Regale, I have completed all the quests you have required of me." Abel spoke seriously. He was grateful for the learning and experience gained from doing all these quests. Hoc looked between the two pondering if he should say something to. He bowed lightly as well. "It was a pleasure Regale. Thank you." hoc moved back some waiting for his friend to finish so they could talk of their hunts together. Abel bowed looking at Regale "Is there any more quests.." he asked just to make sure they had actually completed the task. Hoc's ears pulled forward listening as well both attentive to Regale. The grand stallion shook his head no as the two males nodded and began to trot off into the distance. After they were a few trots away they bucked and danced on the ground. A pure joy at finishing the quests and looking forward to future adventures together.

 Word Count: 505
Stats For All Horses: (Total:11)
+2 Simple Background
+3 For FullBody
+4 For 2 Extra Full Body
+2 For 400 Words

References Colourize-Stock   <3 
Art is copyrighted to me. You MAY NOT use, alter, trace, or upload without my permission.
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