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RQ lvl 4: Final Act 1 Abelardus 990



"The Final Act" -Part One. As a final rite of passage, Regale has requested that your Ballator Hunts an extremely large prey animal by him/herself.
If you choose to hunt a prey animal
, draw your character stalking, attacking, chasing, or eating a Bull Elk. A min. 500 word story is required.

Ballator(s) Pictured: GWS 990 Abelardus
Item(s), Companions, and/or Rank: Medial
Region: Europe
Object Being hunted: 
Link to Hunting Tracker:  BrandonLeffer's Hunting Tracker

Number of Words (if applicable): n/a
Stat Count: 9

Featuring My Horses:
GWS 990 Abelardus

Abelardus looked at Regale with a serious expression. He knew the quests hed worked on were coming to a end. It was a bittersweet feeling as he heard the final request "Bring me proof of your kill, to one of the large animals I have spoken about". Abel only nodded "Proof. I see...should be easy enough, Where will I..." he looked back seeing the stallion gone. Abel stood there a moment longer before smiling "His like a spirit...gone in seconds. I didnt even hear him run out." he turned away heading on wards to finish the quest at hand. Hed split from his questing companions. This had to be done on his own. Abelardus traveled to a area he hunted in regularly when given the chance. Abelardus waited through the night knowing early morning was the best chance to find a herd of Elk. He decided to take down a bull Elk. They were the most appealing in his mind. Might as well get a meal out of this hunt to. If all he had to bring back were a set of horns by all means he might as well fill his belly versus letting all that good meat go to waste. The night was quiet and peaceful as he slept beneath the underbrush in the thick of the wood. Abel rose with the sun, perking his ears forward to listen for any movement in the woods, as he stepped out stretching. The stallion gently trotting warming his muscles up as his eyes scooped the horizon line finding his target. Abel wasnt one to lurk in the shadows while hunting. He held a confidence in his running abilities and strength for the endurance to take down large prey. The stallion suddenly moved teeth out and ready, his nostrils flared a bright red, as he booked it through the opening. "Your mine..." he growled rattling his manes. The bull elk stood his ground for a moment confused before suddenly seeing those teeth. He quickly changed his mind and began to book it from the ballator. Abel on the other hand only grinned eager for the kill. To prove his strength, his fortitude and abilities. He knew this was no easy task. Abel moved quickly after the elf eager to catch up to him and on a open field like this it was quite easy. No distractions. Nothing inhibiting the stallion from gaining on his target. Abel gained quickly, and as he got closer he took bites into the elk's hindquarters. Before Abel came up beside the elk and dragged him down for a large ruffle in the grass. Abel felt powerful legs coming at him and just nearly missing him as his own jaws came down trying to deal a death blow. Abel jumped out of the way, as the elk tried to get up but in the end couldnt, and thats when Abel took his chance to deal the blow. The stallion enjoyed a a fine meal for the day.
 Word Count: 502
Stats For All Horses: (Total:9)
+2 Simple Background
+3 For FullBody
+2 For 1 Extra Full Bodies
+2 For 400 Words

References venomxbaby  <3 
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