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RQ lvl 4: Final Act 1





"The Final Act" -Part One. As a final rite of passage, Regale has requested that your Ballator Hunts an extremely large prey animal by him/herself.
If you choose to hunt a prey animal
, draw your character stalking, attacking, chasing, or eating a Bull Elk. A min. 500 word story is required.

Ballator(s) Pictured: GWS 567 Tempus Edax Rerum
Item(s), Companions, and/or Rank: Rookie
Region: Europe
Object Being hunted: 
Link to Hunting Tracker:  BrandonLeffer's Hunting Tracker

Number of Words (if applicable): n/a
Stat Count: 9

Featuring My Horses:
GWS 567 Tempus Edax Rerum

Tempus headed out early morning, in her search, shed received her final task from Regale. She was almost there, her dreams would come true, to finally master all the quests layed out before her. For she had a prize in mind from her favorite highlord. Shed done all this to obtain that one gift. Being light coated and bright horned gave her a extreme disadvantage to hunting, the only thing on her side was a animals stupidity and her quick movements. What she lacked in strength she made up for in intelligence and stealth. Her agility was something she strode in confidence about. The mare moved into the deeper wood, knowing to find the large bull Elk, shed have to. Tempus spent the whole morning with no luck. The mare frustratedly stomped a hoof down. Unlike bison or other large prey animals. These elk were much more fleet footed like deer. She was sure her coat was giving her position away, if not those bright red horns on her head, the sun was coming up quicker than she thought. "Get a pair of horns he says..." she scoffs, the mare snorts, looking through the woods. Her trot slowed to a walk conserving her energy for the inevitable chase. Tempus found a nearby stream, drinking greedily from it, as she looked up. There. Through the trees a herd. She couldnt believe it. The mare grinned darkly. She had to think quick the best way to act. She wondered if the dumb animals even thought she was a predator after all, she was hooved, and moved like a prey animal. Tempus slowly moved using the thick line of the trees for cover as she got in behind the heard. "He said it had to be a bull." her eyes scanned the herd, to find the largest. Her eyes opened wide seeing the large antlers. She swallowed some gathering her courage. Just because she was immortal didnt mean she couldnt be killed. The mares nostrils flared a brilliant red, as she paced back and forth trying to decide the best approach. She couldnt be seen for now but that could change any moment. Tempus moved suddenly through the thick grass into the small opening. The females scattered and the bull jumped suddenly startled. It was a huge commotion as Tempus chased the bull down. She figured he'd face her if she challenged him so instead she surprised the whole group. The mare kept on his tail eyeing out her chance to strike. As she got close to the bull elk tempus's mouth opened gripping behind the neck and clamping down hard to avoid those pesky antlers. If you control the neck you control the head. At that point it wasnt hard to steer the bull and take him down, her fangs removing themselves only to close down on the elk's windpipe. Her hooves aiding in her death blow. Tempus finished not only getting Regale's horns as proof but also a rather delightfully tasty meal." Word Count: 501
Stats For All Horses: (Total:9)
+2 Simple Background
+3 For FullBody
+2 For 1 Extra Full Bodies
+2 For 400 Words

References venomxbaby  <3 
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