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RQ lvl 3: Over the River



"Over the River" - A group horse has challenged your EB to a match race through the woods and over a small stream. Many obstacles such as logs, rocks, and fallen trees block your way. For Ballators with over 12 Jumping stats, jump the obstacles and gain +2 Jumping stats; or for Ballators with less that 12 jump stats or those who do ot wish to jump, run as fast as possible around all the jumps and try to cross the finish line (the stream) in time and gain +2 speed! Drawing/writing the group horse is optional
Art Requirements: Fullbody and background required  AND 300 word story required

"It was a bright and early morning when the three stepped forward for this race. Tempus looked to the boys "Were not loosing this race boys...not compared to those three.." she referred to the three horses selected to try and compete with them. Hoc snorted digging at the ground. "Lets do this.." he looked to abel who nodded rearing lightly. As they all looked over at each other the race started. Get to the stream was the goal. Tempus burst forward in front of the stallions, her light mountain frame, quick and agile. "Not today boys..." she laughed bucking as she jumped through the bushes and over a few branches. Close behind was Abel, being competitive was in his nature, he burst forward with his strong powerful legs. "Oh no you dont think your gonna win this you got another thing comin darlin.." Abel excitedly raced after. Hoc est Bellum jumped suddenly. "H-hey wait guys...dont leave me behind here.." he yelled after desperate to catch up to the stronger personality horses. As the race got underway the three competitors turned the bend as the group horses began to catch up to them passing Hoc est Bellum. Tempus lead the pack with Abel running up close behind her. The group horses didnt stand a chance as the three worked together to block them off and take over the small pathway in the forest. Tempus slipped behind as Hoc est Bellum really started moving forward. The stallions held their ranks tightly, challenging the mare to think outside of the box to get to the river, as Tempus glared from behind. "Dont think you two will win just cause youve got a wide flank..." she warned the two closing in on them ever quicker. They all made it over the last hurtle with the river in their sights. " Word Count:  310

Featuring My Horses:

Stats For All Horses: (Total:13)
+3 Complicated Background
+3 For FullBody
+4 For 2 Extra Full Bodies
+2 Jumping Stats each
+1 For 200 words

References Colourize-Stock <3 
Art is copyrighted to me. You MAY NOT use, alter, trace, or upload without my permission.
EB's Belong To Fargo. 
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