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RQ lvl 3: Bear Your Soul



"Bear your Soul" - What is your Ballator's worst fear? 
Art Requirements: Headshot or fullbody + min 100 word story background optional


""I fear next to nothing, being wild, and immortal I have seen many things. If there was one thing that scares me it is the thought of being captured by man again. Its happened once and it shall never happen again." tempus snorted looking to the other stallions curious about their fears. Hoc blushed some "Im scared to be alone..." he piped up quickly. "Will not alone but without some sort of herd. The thought of being out in the wild alone is terrifying." looking at Tempus's disapproving face. "Some of us enjoy being in a herd." hoc spoke pushing Abel forward who only chuckled "My fear is similar but more in depth. I fear never finding a lead mare....I enjoy pit fighting and being a role model stallion...but I dont want to age alone." Abel admitted.
WORD COUNT: 139 words

Featuring My Horses:

Stats For All Horses: (Total:5)
+2 Simple Background
+1 For Headshot
+2 For 2 Extra Headshots

Art is copyrighted to me. You MAY NOT use, alter, trace, or upload without my permission.
EB's Belong To Fargo. 
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