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RQ lvl 2: Show me Your Teeth



"Show me Your Teeth" - Sparring is a natural behavior for both male and female Ballators. Depict your character challenging, fighting, or declining a challenge from any group horse. If your character should choose to fight or challenge against Regale, your character will lose the battle but gain an extra +4 Intelligence stats for attempting. 
Art Requirements: Fullbody/Halfbody & min 150 word story required
Literature Requirements: 
1000 min. word story


"It was a bright early morning, and just as regale had requested, Tempus, Hoc and Abel had shown to display their abilities in sparring. Each had picked a horse to spar with bright and early in the morning. Tempus was up first sizing up the other mare. "Piece of you know how long ive been alive this pathetic thing has no chance.." she muttered before lunging forward toward the mare. As she did the mare moved to the side looking back at Tempus. Hoc and Abel moved forward both eager to display their abilities. Hoc took on a light colored mountain stallion lunging over him. Hoc was eager to prove he wasnt the weak link in the pack of horses completing these tests for regale. Abel bull rushed the plains stallion causing him to rear. The mountain stallion loved a good fight, wrestling being one of his favorite activities. " 


Featuring My Horses:
+3 For Halfbody
+2 For Simple Background
+1 For Shading
+10 For 5 Extra Horses

Art is copyrighted to me. You MAY NOT use, alter, trace, or upload without my permission.
EB's Belong To Fargo. 
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