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RQ lvl 2: Playdate



"Playdate" - What is your Ballator's favorite activity? It can be anything at all! 
Art Requirements: Headshot or fullbody, background optional, + 100 word story
Literature Requirements: 
900 min. word story

"Tempus grinned looking to her male companions Hoc and Abel. "I know what we can do for some fun, and adventure. Either of you two ever catch a mountain lion? They are tougher to hunt than the white tail deer. Much larger as well which makes it all the more challenging to hunt down." she smiled as Abel got excited looking to Hoc, "What do you think Hoc, hunting time?" he asked digging a bright green hoof into the ground excited by the new prospect. Hoc only laughed looking at the mare and stallion. "Why do I let you guys talk me into these things?" he shrugged. Off the three of them went to hunt down this new animal." 
WORD COUNT: 119 Words

Ballator(s) Pictured: GWS 567 Tempus Edax Rerum
Item(s) or Companions Used: None
Region: America
Object Being hunted: Pelts/Antlers 
Link to Hunting Tracker: BrandonLeffer's Hunting Tracker
Ballator(s) Pictured: 
GWS 2495 Hoc est bellum
Item(s) or Companions Used: None 
Region: America
Object Being hunted: Pelts/ Antlers 
Link to Hunting Tracker: BrandonLeffer's Hunting Tracker
Ballator(s) Pictured: 
GWS 990 Abelardus
Item(s) or Companions Used: None
Region: America 
Object Being hunted: Pelts/ Antlers
Link to Hunting Tracker: BrandonLeffer's Hunting Tracker

Featuring My Horses:

Stats For All Horses: (Total:11)
+2 Simple Background
+3 For FullBody
+4 For 2 Extra Full Bodies
+2 For Mountain Lion full body

References Colourize-Stock <3 
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