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RQ lvl 2: Over My Dead Body



"Over My Dead Body" - What/Who does your Ballator hate more than anything else? Show us and explain! 
Art Requirements: Fullbody and Background Required plus min 300 word story 
Literature Requirements: 
1200 min. word story

"Hoc est Bellum cleared his throat. "No poking fun at me, but I hate spiders, yes those furry little critters." he sighed, looking cross eyed on the spider crawling on his nose. "They seem all small and innocent but I find them creepy. They are to tiny to really get a good view of and they bite. If thats not enough reasons let me carry on this odd question. Which should be sufficiently answered at this point." Hoc est Bellum rolled his eyes shaking his head. "Furthermore they tickle when they crawl all over you. Now out in the pens your chances of running into these isnt as high, but in the barn they are everywhere. Im normally a laid back kinda stallion but spiders make me loose my cool. I dont want them on me or even near me. They suddenly appear in front of you dangling and flying through the air on those sticky webs of theirs." Hoc est Bellum snorted ears flattening back. "I dont know what else I can really say about them. What more is there to say, we all have our odd quirks and one of mine is I hate spiders." Hoc est Bellum spoke going in circles around his pen looking to the other horses nearby. "You might find it childish to hate such a small thing and I guess there are more important things to hate in the world. Spiders is the first thing thats come to my mind." Hoc est Bellum stood up straight taking a deep breath. "There you have it." the stallion huffed flaring his nostrils. "Now if youll excuse me I have more important things to do other than gush about something I hate." Hoc est Bellum turned away and flicked his tail as he moved to the other side of the pen." Word Count: 305 

"Tempus Edax Rerum flared her nostrils red looking you up and down. "Pathetic I shouldnt need to even explain this." her ears pinned back. "What do I hate the most, it is quite simple, but it is more than one thing." she smiled showing her teeth looking between the others. "A wild mare such as myself roams the world freedom is my favorite thing so naturally the thing I hate the most is humans or anything that would keep me from my freedom." she spoke with a air of knowledge. "Afterall being immortal you learn a thing or two. Humans are greedy creatures who do things that only please them. Riding on our backs simply because they lack the speed. Using us for war and their pleasure. Its disgusting..." Tempus wrinkled her nose at the mere thought of it. "I laugh at their attempts to capture me in the many years ive been alive. Along with humans they build these walls, I believe they call them fences. A cruel device to keep horses from getting out and being wild as they are meant to be. No offense to those human loving horses out there." she snorted laughing. "You do you...but as far as I am concerned theres nothing not to hate about them. Ill never stop hating them. In my lifetime, Ive only ever met one human, only one who had earned my trust. Understood I was free and not a tool for them to use at their leisure. She is gone now and since than I have tried to attempt again only to be burned again and again." Tempus looked away a moment. "Theres no reason to like them and even more reason to hate them...Now go bore someone else with your useless questions." Tempus retorted irritated." Word Count: 300

Abelardus stood out in the snow glaring at each little snowflake that fell down or even got near him. His ears pinned as he hid beneath a tree, shivering and looking grim. "Why does it have to be so cold...It comes back every year." he gruffs shaking his mane only to have a dump of snow fall over him. "Typical....cant even go to the trees for cover..the snow weighs it down and than boom, all over you.." he shook his head letting all the snow fall off. His body shaking and twisting to rid the rest of it off. "I hate the cold... in particular snow, as it is the coldest thing Ive encountered. "Why do they put us out here. I could be safe and warm in the barn.." he chuckled trotting some, trying heat himself up, watching a handler putting blankets on the other horses. "Yes, finally...a nice warm blanket.." he trotted quickly to the fence line, lifting his hooves out of the fresh powdery snow. "It gets everywhere...and melts which makes you colder when the wind blows." he gruffed putting down his hoof and digging. Abel let out a needy neigh as his handler alice came to him smiling. "Oh abel...I know I know.." she smiled at the stallion placing the blanket over his back and fastened it. "There you big baby....isnt that better?" she laughed. Abel trotted along the fence line with his blanket. "Ah this is much better...but.." he looked down to his hooves standing in the snow. "It doesnt fix the fact I still have to stand in it." he shook one hoof after another. "Come on spring...when all this melts..and the sunlight is warm." he smiled. "I may hate it but it doesnt last forever." " Word Count: 302

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Stats For All Horses: (Total:10)
+2 Simple Background
+3 For FullBody
+4 For 2 Extra Full Bodies
+1 For 300 Word Paragraph

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Your style is absolutely gorges, I love your linearts especially! :la: