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RQ lvl 2: Folklore Or Fantasy



"Folklore or Fantasy" - What does your character believe about the High and Lowlords? Does he/she believe in them all, only a few, or not at all? Depict your character any way you like for this challenge. If you depict a Highlord or Lowlord in your drawing, your character will gain +3 Strength stats. 
Art Requirements: Headshot or Fullbody min 500 word story
Literature Requirements: 
1200 min. word story


"Tempus looked over thinking of a way to answer as Hoc and Abel waited to speak. "I would say they all exist, afterall being immortal I have witnessed many things in my time. I have no reason to doubt that they do exist." she paused looking at the stallions who had accompanied her, ears folding back. "Though, my favorite is the goddess Aries. I love her blood thirst and drive to be above the rest." she smirked making Hoc and Abel look to each other before back at Tempus. The two stallions suddenly seemed nervous around the mare, as she continued on. "It is a good thing Lord Aether is there to keep things regulated afterall there must be some peace between all the chaos." she chuckled lightly, flicking her tail, and shrugging. "Oh and theres that lowlord isnt there, I do not know much of him or if I believe in him. Ive heard mere gossip and rumors of his existence." she smiled "Though I wouldnt be opposed to him, his curses do perk my interest, after-all he lines in with my thoughts of the Goddess. The power to curse I could think of a few chosen who should be cursed. " she laughed at thought. Abel and Hoc tried not to seem disturbed by Tempus's thoughts on the highlord and lowlord. Hoc moved forward "You believe in such beings? I like to think there is no higher power that you make things happen for yourself." he snorted eyes looking at Tempus's interest in his reasoning. Abel merely waited his turn to speak in this odd conversation. "I dont think they dont exist..Ive just never seen something to prove otherwise.." hoc exclaimed shrugging looking between the two. "I mean sure Id love to think there was some God who could provide me blessings..but I think with the good also comes the potential for evil. Which I dont want to believe in unlike some..." he glanced at Tempus who glared back. Hoc moved some behind Abel being more timid between the stallions. Abel sighed looking at the black stallion. "Both your views are intriguing to consider. I know of Lord Aether and he is who I choose to believe in but I agree with Hoc. That must mean there is someone who controls the evils in the world. I would assume the Goddess and Lowlord Miss Tempus speaks of would be that evil. " Abel stood still digging a hoof into the ground. "I put my faith in Lord Aether to keep most of the chaos and evil under control afterall he was the first. The oldest and wisest, so it goes without saying he should be the most powerful in my books.So, if I had to put my belief in one it would be Aether and Aether alone." he nodded content with his words. Tempus and Hoc listened intently, understanding and accepting each others views on the subject. It was a odd somewhat unsettling conversation to be had but in the end they could agree to disagree." WORD COUNT: 510


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