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RQ lvl 1: Meeting

Level 1 Prompt 1 
"Meeting" - On his/her journey/paddock time, your horse has stumbled into one other than Regale himself! Regale offers your Ballator a chance to complete his quests in return for prizes and enhancements. Show/tell us what your horse thinks of this experience. (Fullbody or Headshot & Minimum 100 word story of image OR 700 min. word story. Drawing Regale is optional but recommended.)

 This was quite the awkward gathering, Tempus looked at all the stallions, Hoc and Abel had come together. In the end they all ended up finding Regale himself. Tempus had been looking for regale for days, she eagerly looked forward for something to do, so playing a little game in order to gain more in her immortality amused her greatly. Abel and Hoc were merely passersby who spotted a mare and stallion they did not recognize on the Golden Wood Stables. Though the thought intrigued Abel who was always ready and willing for a challenge. Hoc seemed a bit more hesitant but not wanting to look weak in front of the pit fighter he agreed not knowing what these quests could be. They spent the greater evening ready to hear Regales quests looking to each other as if it was a competition to complete. (Word Count:144)

Featuring My Horses:
GWS 990 Abelardus
GWS 2495 Hoc est bellum
GWS 567 Tempus Edax Rerum

Group Horse:
Mascot | 001 | Regale

Stats For All Horses: (Total:7)
+2 Simple Background
+1 For Headshot
+3 For 3 extra Headshots
+1 For 100 Words 

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