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RQ Seasonal: Sunset Hunt

Regale Quests - Seasonal May-June by Fargonon

Quest Option 1 Completed!
-This quest grants 5 Attack Strength to the participating horse and 150 Denarii to the owner.

~~Both out in the wild doing what males do chasing down a doe for dinner. First time trying to catch food
     that wasnt pre-cut and sliced for them. Haha. Tried a new style of background, played with
     colors, tell me what you think. OwO/ <3

Horses Featured From GWS:
GWS 990 Abelardus by BrandonLeffers  GWS 1036 Adalricus by BrandonLeffers

Stats For Both Horses: ( 8 Points For Both Horses)
Full body: +3 points
Detailed BG:
+3 points
Every extra character:
+2 points for fullbody
(( +5 AS Points each for Quest Completion.))

Refs Used venomxbaby 
EB's are NOT a free breed, if you are interested in one, please click the group icon to find out more about them. EB's Belong to Fargonon

Artwork is Copyrighted to ME Brandonleffers/ST You MAY NOT use, alter, trace, upload or do anything with my artwork without my strict written permission.
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