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RQ Seasonal: Attention Hogs

Quest Option 1 Completed!  Can Be Seen here
Quest Option 2 Completed!

Quest Option 2 - Draw your Ballator fighting something, using the fighting technique it most prefers. A handler, another Ballator, a rider, hunger... get creative! However, a rope must be in your drawing.
**~This quest grants 5 Attack Strength to the participating horses and 150 Denarii to the owner.**~

Stallions Use Attention Grabber!

-It is not effective-

  -These two studs fighting for a mares attention, they both love to be in the spotlight and to be considered
top dog against other stallions, despite being father and son. They are flashing the shoulders and noses flared
doing everything in their power to get her attention. She wants nothing to do with it.<3~

ADDED BONUS FOR COMPLETING BOTH: If you do both quests, you will be granted an extra 100 Denarii and 3 AS for your horse.

Horses Featured From GWS:
GWS 990 Abelardus by AncientBoo  GWS 1036 Adalricus by AncientBoo_ GWS 567 Tempus Edax Rerum by AncientBoo

Stats For Both Stallions: ( 10 Points For Each)
Full body: +3 points
Detailed BG:
+3 points
Every extra character:
+4 points for fullbody
(( +5 And (+3) AS Points each for Quest/s Completion.))

Stats For Mare: ( 10 Points)
Full body: +3 points
Detailed BG:
+3 points
Every extra character:
+4 points for fullbody
(( +5 AS Points each for 1 Quest Completion.))

EB's are NOT a free breed, if you are interested in one, please click the group icon to find out more about them. EB's Belong to Fargonon

Artwork is Copyrighted to ME Brandonleffers/ST You MAY NOT use, alter, trace, upload or do anything with my artwork without my strict written permission.
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I really like the way you use the term "fighting" ^^ It's super original !