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RQ Lvl 3: Searching For a Shadow



"Searching for a Shadow pt.2" - After successfully finding the three things Regale required in Level 1, your horse has yet again been found searching for Regale without luck.  Your Ballator has two choices: a) Give up on searching for him and take a nap, at which moment Regale finds you and takes pity on your disrupted sleep cycle, bestowing you with +2 Strength, OR b) continue earnestly searching and eventually find him, and he rewards you with +2 Intelligence. 
Art Requirements: Fullbody & Regale required + min. 100 word story

"Tempus refused to quit like the stubborn mare she is. Abel and Hoc followed behind her wanting to stop. Theyd been searching all night to find regale,and now the morning light was slipping over the open grass field. Slowly a shadow emerged before the three horses. Regale himself stood there looking back at them. Tempus snorted looking back at the stallions proudly. "Told you.." she huffed flicking her tail and moving forward. Hoc looked to Abel "Shes never gonna let us live this down is she.." her spoke as Abel only laughed "Women never do my friend." he smiled back to Hoc as they caught up with Tempus going to greet Regale themselves." Word Count:  114

Featuring My Horses:

Stats For All Horses: (Total:11)
+2 Simple Background
+3 For FullBody
+6 For 3 Extra Full Bodies

References Colourize-Stock <3 
Art is copyrighted to me. You MAY NOT use, alter, trace, or upload without my permission.
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