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The African desert was cool now that the sun had set, well at least as cool as it could get in Africa, through the darkened sky a herd of wildebeest rested sleeping in a pile to keep safe from predators. Tenebrae had been stalking the herd for a week or so keeping up with them meant food. Which equaled to survival. Her strategy included picking off the young and weak as the herd got scared. Upon the herd resting for the night Tenebrae took the chance to nibble on the few tuffs of tall grass, a black eye constantly watching the herd for any movements or chances to snag one. Her black exterior gave her a extreme advantage at hunting at night versus during the day. She blended in well with the night sky. She moved ever closer to the herd circling around, keeping a safe distance, looking for the young which were easier to snatch. The mares hooves were barely heard on the cracked sandy earth as she sniffed the air. The pain in her stomach reminding her that she needed more than tuffs of grass to satisfy her lean elegant body. Tenebrae moved ever closer awaiting her chance to strike. ((BrandonLeffers-Tenebrae Rose- Word Count: 202 ))

Not that far away from where the mare was, another predator had his eyes set on the wildebeest herd. It had been days since the stallion had a full dinner. Africa shared no mercy when it came to giving. It was to give or take, and there had been a lot of taking. Between lions and hyenas to vultures, Transiens was often left only scraps to fight for. It was only by chance he had ended up among a large herd of wildebeest in the cool night. Feeding off of desert mice couldn't satisfy the wrenching pain of his stomach. If he didn't get anything now, he would certainly not last another hot day. The stallion scanned the area of sleeping beasts. He only needed a slow beast to take down. Slowly he lowered his head into the tall grass trying to flatten his body hair and his white patches as much as he could. Barely making a sound as he lied still watching them before moving closer again. He spotted one of the wildebeest lift their head up from slumber as their ears shifted. Transiens stopped lying low. He waited till the prey went back to sleep before moving again. [[ Gingerlisous23: Word Count: 201]]

Tenebrae also paused upon seeing the beast lift its large head, it would only make one wrong step to ensure the animals stampeding. The mare had stopped one that seemed to be crippled. It was lifting its one leg painfully close to its belly and doing its best not to put pressure on it. She grinned easy pickings, now than, to get this herd moving so this straggler would fall behind. Tenebrae circled around not noticing the male who was hiding in the grass behind her. There. It was the perfect angle to attack from. Her ears pinned back as she crept ever closer flicking her tail some to mimic the tall grass. It only took a mere launch forward to send panic through the large herd. Tenebrae moved in quickly her stride long and elegant. The herd ran panicked as they made loud grunts and groans not sure where to run in the nighttime. Just as she thought the crippled one couldnt keep up as the wildebeest tried to put its leg down to full run but barely managed a hobbled jog. Tenebrae came in on the side behind the herd snapping her teeth at the beast to isolate it from safety. ((BrandonLeffers- Tenebrae Rose- Word Count: 203))

Moving stealth-fully,the male barely made a noise sifting through the grass like a snake. His coat was easy to spot, that he knew. So keeping his body as close to the ground as he could was critical. The smell of the beasts were making him salivate. He could imagine their flesh being ripped and devoured. Transiens didn't let his imagination take over his focus as he looked for a potential target. The young were in the center of the herd, surrounded by the adults. That would be difficult to maneuver with protective mothers. His vision altered to one in particular, a cripple beast. The way it moved that one leg was a good sign. It would be an easy catch! Just as he was making his way to it, the herd started to move?! The crippled wildebeest hobbled away with the rest of them. Transiens couldn't afford to go hungry! Taking off just as the herd was heading his direction, he galloped towards his target. It wasn't till he was merely a few feet from the bull, did he notice he had competition. A whiff of her scent caught him off guard making him nearly loose the bull. He couldn't see her well with her dark coat, but he knew she was there. Skidding along the ground he raced back with his mouth wide open snapping at the bull to run his way. [[ Gingerlisous23: Word Count: 234]]

Tenebrae noticed the stallion suddenly pop up from no where. It through her off guard for a second watching him chase the bull from the herd. The mare followed just as eager to eat. "Your not getting away that easily.." she snorted chasing both of them down. Transiens grinned watching the bull separate from the herd, his jaws out and snapping onto the beasts back. Just as he did Tenebrae came from the side her smaller lean mouth grabbing the throat slowing the beast. In only a few mere moments the two of them had struggling wildebeest in their grasps. Transiens dug in rattling his manes some to the mare whod helped take down the animal. His stomach to much of a distraction to fight with her. Tenebrae also didnt think twice as she dug into the beast feeding off of the animals flesh. A comfortable silence befell both of them as they filled their bellies with a fresh kill. Mouthful and mouthful could be heard as each desert horse inched closer to each other going for the more tender parts of the beast. As theyve finished they looked each other over impressed by the other. Tenebrae and Transiens slept well that night with a much needed meal. ((BrandonLeffers - Tenebrae Rose AND Transiens Spiritus  Word Count:208))

Stats For Horses: 
Tenebrae Rose -  5
+3 Story ( 613 words)
+2 Extra character (Wildebeest)

Transiens Spiritus - 4
+2 Story (435 words)
+2 Extra Character (Wildebeest)


 Ballator Pictured: GWS 3677 Tenebrae Rose -BrandonLeffers 
Item(s) or Companions Used: None
Region: Africa
Object Being hunted: Wildebeest (Pelts/Antlers)
Link to Hunting Tracker: BrandonLeffer's Hunting Tracker
Number of Words (if applicable): 1048

Ballator Pictured: 537: Transiens Spiritus -gingerlisous23 
Item(s) or Companions Used: none
Region: Africa
Object Being hunted: Wildebeest (Pelt/Bones)
Link to Hunting Tracker: EB Hunting Journal
Number of Words (if applicable): 1048

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