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Abel had lost his handler in the throw of trying to hunt down this golden sparkle butt of a ballator. Instead of focusing on his handler Abel had found another ballator who could help keep pace with this overly playful desert steppe cross. Abel leaned forward to Owl "This is my plan to get mister quick and light footed."he chuckled eager to please his handler alice. "IF we flank him, and both come at a angle we can get him pinned long enough to admit defeat and come with us.." the stallions eye twitched as he moved his face some, his cosmic crown glittering in the sun. "We might be able to lure a shiny with a shiny.." he pinned his ears.

Owl looked over the clearly under slept stallion chuckling as she moved a bit in front of him admiring his cosmic crown. "So..let me get this straight. Your grand plan is to somehow lure or pin him in a spot.." she moved in front of him, all while Abel nodded in agreement. "And due to your cosmic crown he will be memorized to the point he will simply follow you home?" she asked confirming his insane sounding plan. The stallion nodded in agreement "It will be perfect, he will be drawn to it, like a moth to the flame. Dont you think itll be awesome? Than Ill get all the carrots and apples from alice" he trotted all excited in one place, making Owl chuckle louder and neigh. She lifted her head "Well than..shall we give this insane idea a try.." she moved in disbelief she even agreed to help abel out. Abel followed suit as they proceed to look for the male. Abel went one way a bit through tall grass as Owl followed suit. Abel's eyes scanned the horizon for the sparkle stallion. "I dont see him do you Owl?" he looked back at the mare as she joined him up on the tally grassy hill to look for the steppe mix.

"No I dont...mmm..maybe we should move around those middle pillars...towards the colored canyon.." she suggested looking forward and directing him with her nose. "Behind those pillars would be a great hiding place for anyone not looking to be found.." she smiled. Abel reared up "Race you there.." he smiled, moving down the hill in a light trot, his goal in mind. Soon Owl followed laughing "Is this all a game to you..catching this wild ballator.." abel only looked back grinning wildly. "Maybe my dear but it is great fun!" he went from a trot to a full gallop soaring across the tall grass. His footsteps echoing along the ground. Owl followed him down the hill and through the tall grass keeping up with the stallion quite easily. "You want a race got Ill find that sparkle ballator before you!! Did he even have a name?" she passed abel gleefully, turning sharply to cut the stallion off. Abel snorted not liking being in second place never set well with the stallion.

As owl turned the corner she yelps bumping right into a golden sparkly hide. "Whoa..." she backs up slowly with wide eyes. Abel snickers turning only adding to the chao's. Abel pushed into Owl who than fumbled forward into the Golden stallion. The steppe mix turned his head laughing at the attempt "..Well arent you two coordinated?" he mused looking between the two. Abel straightened himself up looking to Owl and than to the golden stallion. "Yes..well.." he cleared his throat having another ballator there for support was rather nice. Owl perked up standing next to Abel awaiting for the stallion to speak. Mida's stood there laughing at the two more as he turned. "So youve come back without your handler..what is it now that you seek?" he smiled at the two. Abel puffed up "Well..first off id like to know your name so I can stop calling you sparkle butt.." he teased a bit chuckling as Owl full on laughed "Its true its what his been calling you.." abel got a little red cheeked. "Its not like we have our names tattooed on our skin Owl.." he smiled.

The mare only laughed "This stallion thought youd be intrigued to go home to his stables with him. By show casing you his--" she was cut off as Abel moved in front of her. His crown sparkling in the sunshine along with Mida's coat. "My Midas...aether graced me with this coat. And by showing me what?" the stallion moved closer curious tilting his head to abel. "Well..Im not gonna win by just showing my crown..I know how Mida's works. The thrill of the chase?" he dug a hoof in. "If I pin you.. into a corner..I win, how does that sound?" Owl looked between the two in shock. A race of sorts, cunning movements, and possible catch. Mida's seemed to consider the offer, before turning and darting. "Lets see you try mister fluffy!" he teased. Abel got huffy stomping a foot. "Oh youve done it now sparkle butt!!" he reared up to begin the chase. Owl tsked and rolled her eyes. "Honestly what is it with stallions and competition...Ill never understand." she smiled though seeing the two. "I think they are beginning to be friends..just maybe..abel has a chance.." her hooves hit the ground as she followed suit. Mida's moved gracefully fast long the hilly open area. The sparkles to his body aiding all to his location. With the sun high Abel had high hopes of getting him this time, his eyes focused on Midas, chasing after him. This time for sure he'd get that stallion. Alice would be thrilled when they both came trotting home together. Owl followed in behind pushing her limits to catch up, it wasnt going to be a easy chase, but the thrill of running was always fun. Midas could only smirk as he held the lead, curious if the fluffy stallion would get him this time.

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