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Glenn and his fellow foals followed him, they were back safe from being out in the wilds. Him and Abel were the only one concerned. Tempus seemed to not mind being out in the wilds. "So boys..should we go on another adventure again today? Ive grown tired of hanging around the stables and grown ups.." she flicked her light mane. Abel looked to Glenn " you think its safe out there?" Glenn caught Abel's drift "That red making things seem like they are covered in red...its glow makes me feel unsettled.."  glenn spoke his spotted coat felt weird covered in the light red glow. Tempus frowned "I dont know what it is..but it hasnt fallen to the ground.." she looked up at it.

The three of them stood looking to the sky, as Aether appeared behind them, listening to the two colts and filly. Tempus looked harder "I mean I have red isnt so bad right?" she tilted her head. Glenn shuddered "What about that highlord we met Aether? I wonder if he is able to remove it.." he looked to abel. The younger stallion shook with fear "It gives me a bad feeling...what if the sky falls..Im scared to leave the barn." he stuck closer to the two of them. Aether stood behind them, listening, concerned about the foals he
met not that long ago. The worry was Clear on Aether's face as he grimaced at the red light that befell the foals coats. Glenn stepped forward "Whatever happens...we will make it through. Aether was far to nice and kind. He wouldnt let any harm come to us. My papa told me about him. He is a peace have to trust that. This is not his doing.." he puffed up riling his tiny fluff flaring his nostrils at the red star.

Tempus looked back finally seeing Aether, but staying quiet. "Its good to believe in something..but at the same time..if he could do something about it, dont you think he would have.." she looked from aether, her blood was boiling, eager to do something. Abel huffed too "Tempus..Glenn is right..Aether will figure this out..his powerful and capable!" the tiny colt fluffed up. Glenn agreed "Yes we have nothing to worry about Aether will sort it all out." Aether backed away slowly hearing the foals words, staring at the star again himself. With each step he took he slowly began to fade again. Aether was gathering information and eager to check in on all ballators. Glenn looked back right as the highlord faded "Aether.." he whispered looking down to the ground. Abel looked confused between Glenn and Tempus who had knowing looks of what just happened.

   Foal Prompt for 5061 Glenn! March's Monthly Quest 4 -No Warmth for the Wicked Link )

    Ballators DepictedGWS 5061 Glenn / GWS 990 Abelardus / GWS 567 Tempus Edax Rerum / Aether

    Word Count: 453
    Stat Breakdown:
     +2 (400 Words)
     +6 Extra Characters (Abel / Tempus/ Aether)
= 8 Total
         + 100 Denarii
    ** +3 Experience For Glenn **
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