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Glenn lead the hoard of foals behind him. "Come on guys..I want to show you the things I found yesterday in the grove.." Abel and Tempus followed eagerly, tiny hooves and tails flicking around. "It better be something cool.." tempus giggled trotting ahead getting in front of the two colts. Glenn chuckled chasing her, as Abel, struggled to catch up being younger than the other two. "Wait up for me...!!" he called after. The three of them turning and going up a hill toward the small clearing. All racing and jumping. Tempus stops though upon seeing a faint glow. "Guys look.." she stops eyes wide. Abel and Glenn join next to her both with their mouth's opened. There standing in front of the three foals stood a full grown stallion, but he was far from ordinary.

"Who are you.." Glenn moved forward being the most brave, Abel hid behind Tempus as they all admired the golden stallion with glass horns. He seemed to smile looking down upon the three foals. "Well now...who is it that is in front of me.." he asked them. Tempus and Glenn stepped forward "This is Glenn...and I am tempus...and behind Abel.." she smiled flicking her tail lightly. Glenn's eyes seemed to sparkle as he trotted around Aether. "I am Aether..young one.." he leaned his head down bumping the foals rump a bit. Glenn yelped jumping a bit seeing the space sparkle running behind tempus and abel. "whoa..whoa..he has a sky on his butt!" the male exclaimed. Abel's curiosity peeked as he rounded around tempus "He has a what!!! WHOA.." he reared up running. Tempus rolled her eyes being the oldest "Thats not possibl---" she stared dumbfounded. The three foals crowding around Aether.

Aether could only laugh, foals were so silly, and brought such joy to the world. None of them seemed scared, more startled or curious. "Aether you say?" tempus piped up ears perked forward. "Ive..heard your name before..arent you..a highlord.." the young filly asked. Abel looked confused "Whats a highlord.." Glenn shrugged "Ive heard my papa mention lords and ladies..are you royalty?" "No children no..I am the highlord Aether..and Ive curious of your thoughts? Maybe a hunt even.." he shifted trotting a bit. "A hunt!" abel got excited following aether before fumbling over a rock and breaking a egg. "Eggs!!" he got excited. Glenn and Tempus followed finding a few in bushes. Over all the excitement they got wrapped up in finding eggs making a large pile. Aether only smiled as he slowly faded and was gone. Leaving the three foals to wonder if they all dreamed this up, but with the pile of eggs as evidence.

   Foal Prompt for 5061 Glenn! March's Monthly Quest 3 -An Egg Hunt with Aether ( Link )

    Ballators DepictedGWS 5061 Glenn / GWS 990 Abelardus / GWS 567 Tempus Edax Rerum / Aether

    Word Count: 448
    Stat Breakdown:
     +2 (400 Words)
     +6 Extra Characters (Abel / Tempus/ Aether)
= 8 Total
    ** +3 Experience For Glenn **
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