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Alice mounted onto Abel for the long trail ride ahead. She geared up his tack, the stallion stood perfectly still as he was outfitted. Today's adventure was something very specific. Rumors of a golden stallion had gone around to many stables. Alice had a mind for rare finds, even if just to catch a glimpse, she buckled Abel's saddle. Adjusting his cosmic crown as well. The stallion flicked his mane reaching to her side, helping her climb onto him. Saddlebags packed, going to a rumored place, a special glade. "Lets go...Abel.." the stallion hit forward in a gallop, it was quite the long trek. Abel held his footing, climbing up the rolling hills, Alice had her camera strapped around her body. "His supposed to shine like gold..." Alice spoke as the two had stopped right before the glade. Abel drank from a nearby river content for the rest to shake out his large lion mane.

"I wonder if...he will be tempted by the treat I have in store for him.." she peeks at the bait. "Maybe we could even persuade him to come home with us Abel.." she stood, moving to the stallion. His bright green horns the color of the flourishing grass, as he lifted his head from drinking to meet her hands. A rather gentle and calm stallion. Abel could see Alice's determination and drive to figure if the rumor was true. The stallion shifted smelling the bait hungry himself. Abel quite preferred meat over hay or anything else. His lips tugging at the bag making Alice get defensive " mister..this is for hopefully our new friend..if he exists." she pulled a apple out instead that Abel happily took, chewing, as alice packed up from their little break. "Ok...according to the map..the glade is over the next two hills." she smiled folding it up, and climbing back onto the saddle, pulling the reins lightly, making sure to keep Abel's crown from being tugged off. Abel obliged to her soft pull, and began to speed up. 'I wonder if she will find him...a gold horse. Do such silly things exist in girls minds' the stallion pondered as they rode forward.

As they came over the final ridge abel's eyes opened wide. 'This place exists...look at it.' he thought eyes scanning the beautiful greens and flowers. Colors everywhere. Alice made a verbal wow. "This place is stunning.." she pet Abel's neck giving his mane a good scratch. "Lets see if we can find this rumor.." abel neighed softly moving slow down the hillside to get his footing. His tail flicking in concentration while alice peeked noting the way the canyons seemed to encase this little piece of beautiful land. As they finally made it into the glade, alice checked her map to see where the original sighting was. She clicked as Abel trotted onward, keeping a light pace til he paused. The stallion stood frozen a moment, there drinking from a small watery pond. Gold. Shiny. Sparkling like something from a fantasy. Alice was busy looking into her map humming and pointing.

Abel leaned his neck forward in shock 'You...exist?' he spoke beneath his breath. Alice finally looking up from her map only to gasp. "Abel..thats him...look at him..his so beautiful.." she urged him forward. Abel carried forward in caution was it healthy to be that shiny? He seized the stallion up ruffling up his manes a bit getting closer. The wild ballator lifted his head seeming to smile, before wildly rearing, and turning on his back hooves before taking off. Alice clicked urging Abel to chase. Abel obliged chasing after the golden stallion. He was not hard to spot in all the greenery and flowers. The sun reflected off of his manes...his neck, even his shimmering body. The wild steppe mix bucked free as a bird running in glee. Enjoying the chase as he looked back 'Come get me if you can...or if you can keep up with me' he neighed back at Abel. The older stallion feeling the need to prove himself picked up the pace.

Abel scoffed as Alice held on feeling the stallion's stride quicken. It was no longer games and fun. The stallion had something to prove. "Aaabbbb...eeeel.." alice cried cling to his mane, squeezing her eyes shut. The wild ballator, chuckled 'Oh! You can chase...well than I better pick up pace, or youll catch me. I love games such as these old timer..' he teased calling back to abel. His stride smooth as he moved across the glade which he had learned in depth. Abel snorted enough was enough, but as serious as it was, he found himself enjoying the chase. Alice on the other hand was holding onto Abel for dear life. Any faster she feared she'd fall off his back. The steppe mix chuckled, turning a corner quickly smelling the bait as the winds shifted 'Oh did you bring a snack?' he yelled back as abel got him cornered. The older stallion huffed a bit looking up. 'My handler alice did..' he puffed straightening up to not show weakness.

'It does smell tasty..' the golden stallion spoke as alice stared at him. 'Oh you brought a human..werid little creatures arent they..' he trotted closer inspecting abel and alice. His different colored eyes and nose finding the bait. Alice held still admiring the shiny of the stallions coat. Abel laughed a bit 'Yes..well..she is important to me..' he flicked his tail relaxed having enjoyed the chase and this stallion's fun personality. Alice lifted the saddlebag open offering the palomino the tasty treat. Watching him eat gave her the chance to sneak a few pictures as Abel stood still not wanting to spook the male while he ate. 'You know these humans have all sorts of tasty things back home..and not to mention, getting brushed is so much better than being groomed' he tried to talk to the male. 'You do make a point friend..' the palomino chuckled finishing his meal and shaking his mane out. A flick of his tail standing a moment as if to consider the handler and abel. Ears perked between the two.

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