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GWS Hunt 19: Scare Tactics


Ballator(s) Pictured: 8537 | Incendia
Item(s) or Companions Used/Rank: NA/Rookie
Region: Europe
Object Being hunted: Fallow Deer (Deer Relt / Antlers)
Link to Hunting Tracker: siIvr's hunting tracker
Ballator(s) Pictured: 
GWS 990 Abelardus
Item(s) or Companions Used/Rank: Dog & Bear (Proof Located on Ref) /Medial (on ref)
Region: Europe
Object Being hunted: Fallow Deer (Deer Relt / Antlers)
Link to Hunting Tracker: BrandonLeffer's Hunting Tracker


Featuring silvr 's Horse:
8537 | Incendia

Featuring My Horses:
Stats For 8537 Incendia: (Total:20)
+3 Detailed Background
+3 For FullBody
+1 Shading
+1 For Tack Piece
+2 for (400 Word count below)
+10 For 5 Extra Full Bodies

Stats For 990 Abelardus: (Total:29 & 20 denarii)
+3 Detailed Background
+3 For FullBody
+1 Shading
+10 For 5 Extra Full Bodies
+1 Speed & +2 Intelligence (Dog)
+ 10 denarii & +4 stats (Phoenix)
+1 Attack S & +2 Stats (Ghoul)
+2 Stamina (Hare)
+10 Denarii (Bear)

"You think Im going to simply work with you? Just like that?" the red coated steppe female looked Abel up and down as if he were insane. "You arent hungry? You dont strike me as a simple grass eater.." he retorted. The mare huffed turning her face "Incendia.." she muttered flicking her fire manes. "Abel..." he chuckled hearing her stomach growl. "You know stallion I am more than capable of hunting alone.." she seemed jittery, putting up a front. Abel backed a few steps "Why of course..I just happened to notice you on my way past, was planning on spooking a few deer from the wood myself. Thought if theres two of us we could flank them." he shook his large mane pinning his ears when she got in his face suddenly.

"As long as you remember I dont need the help.." she huffed as her stomach growled, Abel had to keep it together from chuckling. "Tell you what, we can spook them from the woods and whatever critters come with and you take down your own kill." he tilted his head hoping the mare would cooperate, her fire mane would be a great asset in hunting. Most animals he knew would run from fire, even the smell of it, would be enough for them to think danger.

The two horses moved into the wood, abel quietly sneaking up on a herd of deer his large mane masking his bodies lighter markings. He looked back at Incendia ushering her forward. As she did he bolted, the two of them herding the deer into a more killable area. It didnt take long through the wood before there was finally a clearing. Abel picked up speed "We gotta kill them before they get back into the wood.." he snorted digging his hooves in hard trying not to get distracted by the mares fire. It was memorizing to watch. Incendia moved agile across, coming up along side abel as they closed in on their prey. A few poor helpless hares scattering to get out of the way.

The deer panicked running, often bumping into each other, with the way the two ballators were herding them. Abel nor Incendia seemed content to let either one escape their demise. Abel shifted getting his mouth on the doe's neck taking her down being a experienced hunter. His eyes casting to Incendia who dropped the dead deer.
(400 Word Count: 2 Stats)

References Colourize-Stock  <3 
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woww this looks amazing!! 8D you drew them so well, and i love the story that goes with it!! thank you :D <3