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EBS Round 1: A Challenge Indeed.

EBS Crest by Fargonon

GWS 990 Abelardus X 916 | Lucky Dork
"Abelardus stood in his pen, awaiting his trainer Alice, eagerly. As Alice approached the male snorted and flicked his manes. He was ready, he'd been training for months, to control his moves. As his ears perked hearing the wooden stall open he shoved his face against the human. Alice went to work leading him out and walking him toward the arena. His nostrils flaring a light red just thinking about the fight ahead. His green eyes focused ignoring the crowd and the announcer finishing up the previous round. Abel got a good hard look at the competition. Alice smoothed her hand over his face to calm him down some. The stallions legs lifted some as Alice walked him in circles giving the finished round horses a chance to be collected. "Your going to be great Abel.." she smiled at him, holding his led rope as they walked. Her voice was reassuring as he moved flicking his head, and stomped on the ground, he was more then ready. As the announcer got on the speak again. "Next Round opponents please enter the arena." Alice opened the gate, and lead Abel in, her hands removing his halter and gave him a soft pet before turning and locking the gate. Abel turned and got a running start as the bell rang!" (Word Count: 218)
Total Stats:
Full Body +3
Detailed Background +3
Other EB full body +2
Entry Completion +1AS (For Abelardus)
Writing +2 (For Abelardus)
Lucky Dork: 8 Stat Points
Abelardus: 11 Stat Points
Stock Ref Colourize-Stock 
Lucky Dork TSDTR
Abelardus me
EB's are NOT a free breed, if you are interested in one, please click the group icon to find out more about them. EB's Belong to Fargonon

Artwork is Copyrighted to ME Brandonleffers/ST You MAY NOT use, alter, trace, upload or do anything with my artwork without my strict written permission.
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Oh my, this looks awesome !!
I have so much pressure to make something of the same level now x,D