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Caritas, Unitas and Ducimus had traveled together through this whole odd few days. Following the original mares instructions upon where to go, signs to look for, after having found the great rooster perched on his ancient boulder than managed to find the caves. "Boys...this is weird...what were the humans doing..." the mare looked backed to the two rowdy stallions. Ducimus spoke up "Were definitely no longer on the farm...strap in..who knows what we will come across down here.." he nervously pushed forward to lead the party being the most brazen of the three of them. Unita's hung close to Carita, the two of them had ears perked high and keeping their head low as the walked towards the cave entrance.

All three horses stepped carefully in the dimly lit water flooded tunnels. "What do you think we'll find down here?" unitas piped up the stallion timid "Theres human things all around.." he whispered looking back at the entrance fondly. Caritas jumped something floating in the water bumped her legs. "Yes..not just humans sun lights...theres things in the water. I dont know what well find...but weve been lead here.." she commented as ducimus shushed them both carefully taking a tunnel to the right. He had waited examining each way. He heard other horses and movement. "I dont think were alone down here.." he added looking back to both companions. Caritas and Unitas shuddered at the thought. If humans were still lingering down here were they to be trusted. This was not the farm hands, or the humans who rode them. Ducimus lead on as they walked down a narrow tunnel it barely fit a horse. Making it quite trapping feeling. As the three of them carried on out of the tunnel ducimus was happy to find a nice wide open space. He relaxed as caritas came out joining him. Unitas was so happy to be out of the tunnel he bucked and danced a bit. Though as he did he hit a trip wire and a door to the easy way out shut suddenly startling all three of them.

"Unitas! This is not the place to be doing that!" ducimus scolded as caritas heard something else. "Guys guys!!!" she hushed them looking at a small side room. It was dim lighted and held a group of huddling creatures. The female let out a soft neigh not moving forward. Ducimus instantly defensive of his friends snorting loudly and stomping a threatening hoof. Unitas just hid behind his friends being on edge, minorly panicking about the tunnel closing behind them. A stallion comes forward from the small herd of eb's "Are you with us?" his voice timid sounding quite broken and sad. The three horses come forward as they light showns upon them. Than it is clear similar to the forest mare theyd ran into. "You are brightly colored just like the forest mare.." caritas commented, looking to ducimus. The stallion looked to unitas "Theres more of them.." the desert looked over the three of them hooves shaking as others stayed hundled together for warmth.

Unitas seemed to calm as the desert looked for their bright colors finding none. "Are you not one of us?" he asks his spined red horns crested over as his spotted and sparkled chest now visible. Caritas lost in the bold look a moment as the males snap her out of it. Ducimus looks over the small herd. "You should come with us..." as Unitas stepped forward making the stallion nervous as he shook his head backing up with his fellow test subjects. Unitas furrowed his brow "Your friend made it out of her...perfectly safe...there is a way out..or we wouldnt of gotten in. Youll die down here.." the desert stallion with the bold red looked to his fellow 'herd' "Its dangerous to try and leave the humans will capture us again surely." he snorted. Caritas thought of a idea "Send one of you to come with us. If we cant make it out safely we will come back and leave you be" The stallion looked over the three horses. "That...seems reasonable" the desert spoke looking to the fellow herd "Wait here..if I dont return..come and find me, they may indeed be telling the truth." he turned to follow the three new horses. Ducimus took the lead as units and caritas kept the desert stallion safe between them.

Ducimus stopped at another fork squinting to look down, as he sniffed the air smelling the fresh air from a certain direction. "This way.." he spoke, as the desert kept looking back at the small hundled bundle of test subjects. "Lets find a way out, weve all been here for far too long.." caritas leaned in "Weve never seen your types with such bold markings.." as unitas agreed shaking his head. As the now four strong made it down a flooded pathway, something seemed off. Ducimus paused the group. " me.." he turned his head to the two males, as they approached. "Caritas..that lever up there..its similar to what we have in the barn..." directly in front of the group was a metal door that lifted ducimus had seen it several times. Though this one was half stuck, too low for the group to carry on. As the subject, units and ducimus all got beneath it. "Push it up..!" ducimus said. "When she does we push it must of gotten stuck..!" he ordered. The two stallions nodded getting there neck beneath it. Caritas moved to the lever, pushing it with her nose up, as the males went to it. It creaked struggling to be lifted as the mare trotted over. Of course next to the test subject, and his bright colored chest, helping to lift it up off the ground. It groaned before moving slowly. As they all worked together it rose up into the ceiling. "There..." the male chuckled seeing the light from the outside. "Now its straight out...lets go..!" he spoke leading the herd. Unitas followed ever so eager to be free of this dark wet cold cave. The test subject wide eyed like a foal to see the outside again ducking to keep his spined horns from the ceiling. Caritas far to distracted by the vivid color patterning followed the new friend they had made. All having made it out safely.
  • PROMPT 3:

    Draw or write your EB’s bid for freedom with the laboratory ballators. Completing the prompt will earn your ballator +2 EXP on top of normal stats.

    Equus Ballator(s) Depicted: GWS 197 Caritas ; GWS 195 Unitas ; GWS 198 Ducimus ;ID 7557
    Group Prompt(s): Event: The Aves Initiative || Chapter 3, Prompt 3
    Stat Breakdown For Each Horse:
    +5 For 1054 Words 
    +6 Extra character (other two horses & Test Subject) 
    +2 EXP
    Stat Total: 13
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