Anime Commissions! (Freebies and Discounts!)
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Published: December 19, 2012
If you don't like my stuff please check out :iconfellier: She's ninja fast too <333 And has more experience in drawing out commissions. The commissions are always on time <3

Cash contributions go to university and living funds!
Thank you in advance <3 They will also go to debts!  

Cash payments will be done using Moneybookers <3 I am open for other suggestions as long as they work)

Commissions - Open by SweetDuke Point Commissions - Open by SweetDuke :iconkiribansopen:
Check below for discounts!!!

Slots open: 5 <3

Prices and samples
:bulletwhite: 1$ for outline commission.  (+0.5$ background)
:bulletyellow: 40 points per outline. (+20 points background) art? by ancient

(Maximum amount of freebies per person = 2)
:bulletwhite: 5$ for colored chibi (+2$ background)
:bulletyellow: 250 points (+100 background)
Secret Request: ro0na by ancient

:bulletwhite: 5$ for colored portraits. (+2$ background)
:bulletyellow: 250 points (+100 background)
Fly Butterfly by ancient The Music of the Night by ancient

:bulletwhite: 7$ for colored colored character .3. (+3$ background)
:bulletyellow: 300 points (+150 background)
SplitXMindXPlush Entry: Luly by ancient

Discounts for cash commissions! <3
:bulletwhite: There's a -50% discount for repeat cash commissions.
:bulletyellow: And 10 point increase  for repeat point commissions.
:bulletwhite: Get 50% discount on cash commissions, even if it's your first if you refer another person, and they purchase.
:bulletyellow: Get a free sketch if you refer three people and they purchase.
:bulletwhite: Everyone gets 50% off if all slots are cash customers.
:bulletyellow: Get a free sketch for every two cash purchases.
:bulletwhite: Kiriban every 10th customer (free art!)

Payment method (Special offer for first payment!)
:bulletwhite: Cash payments using Moneybookers.

:bulletyellow: Special: Get your first commission free + 1$ prize if you make a moneybooker's account and you are my first commissioner! Note me for details. [1 slot open]

:bulletwhite: Paypal is not available in my country. But I am finding a workaround for that ^_^V. Moneybooker =  Paypal for non-US residents. It works for US residents too <3!

:bulletorange: OCs
:bulletorange: OC hybrids as long as they look human
:bulletorange: both male and female characters
:bulletorange: Scenary alone: will be discounted!
:bulletorange: Gaia avatars (or avatars in general)
:bulletorange: Comic panels (Note me)
:bulletorange: Couples
:bulletorange: Fanart and fancharacters from shows.

:bulletorange: Anything above pg-13:
:bulletorange: Kissing, suggestive hugging, anything beyond that.

Prepayed or Postpayed?
:bulletyellow: Payments are done after you see a tiny sample of your completed work.
:bulletorange: Once you're satisfied with the thumbnail, you pay to get the huge version, which you can keep, and use to your heart's content.
:bulletyellow: A version will be posted on my deviantart for backup. If you would like I can watermark that for you.

Examples using numbers
For instance if the commission is 1$, next time you pay 50 cents, and the next time a freebie. You can take freebies on 1-3$ commissions

For 5$-7$ commissions, you get your second commission half price!
That's right ;3 <3 (2.5 dollars for second commission if it's $)

For points if the first commission is 50 then the second is 60 and so forth. (+10 points with each purchase. If you make 5 purchases the price becomes constant, with each purchase)

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