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Looking for remote work in the gaming industry? by DreadKnight666, journal

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Thank you for the faves, watch, and points donation! :) That's very kind of you!
You're welcome! I really hope to see more fanart paintings by you in the long run ^^
Absolutely, I'd be glad to! :)
Hy, I submitted a lot of work to you and some of those work are "wanted". The guy said, he is making a card game that shall be printed or don't know what. No payment, just advertising. The question is if the group lets to use them.
Btw, sent you an invitation to our Wuala group the other day (as we're not using dropbox anymore for development for quite a while). We need some more abilities icons if you're willing to help ^^
What does he needs exactly? Weapons?
Weapons submitted to your group. Aaaand technically any other kind of items I might produce. I was thinking that I'm not going to make that effort for him. For our business, I don't really know yet. I'm not free till this month 22th. Social work or how to translate this hell. So he is a card maker.

I also have another deal of 36 swords that comes first along with any commissions that I get payed for.

I'm only gonna dicide what to do when this work procedure is over. That is when I might accept that invitation.

Asked him that if you lend them, make a notice that you borowed them from me. Any link or other thing about where it should point to...?