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Carnivorous Plant for Poser

Poseable figure for DAZ-Studio and Poser

Version 1.0, modeled and textured in Hexagon 2.5.
Rigged in DAZ-Studio 3 with the Figure Setup Tool.

Tested in:
DAZ-Studio Advanced Edition, 64 Bit
DAZ-Studio Standard Edition, 32 Bit
Vue 9 Studio as Collada (.DAE) import
Poser, 32 Bit

More infos about installing, posing etc. you will find in the "readme.pdf" that comes with the ZIP-file.

Known issues in V1.0: Update August 14,2011: Some Poser-Users (Poser 7, 8 and 9) reported me a weird bug, in wich the stems of the traps are not loading or remain invisible or load only in a badly deformed shape. Since i use only DAZ-Studio i can't do a real test in Poser. Sorry.
Any help in this case by experienced Poser-users will be highly appreciated! If someone track down the error, please report me a possible solution to:

Update November 15, 2012: I just bought Poser 9 and got confronted with the described problem of the deformed trap-leaves too. I think, i finally solved the issue: To remove the distortions go to the Parameters-Tab and unmark "Bend" for all the trap-leaves and all stems below the trap-leaves! (That works at least in Poser 9):

Workaround: Deformed Hydravora in Poser by ancestorsrelic


Fun facts about the Hydravora:

The idea was to create a carnivorous monster-plant character that based on the well known Venus Flytrap. The Venus Flytrap, however, is a more passive "hunter", so a monstrous man eating version of it have to be more animal-like and far more active in catching prey.

A grown up Hydravora prey on anything that can be overpowered, including humans.

The Hydravora use strong tendrils to grap victims. Usually the tendrils, looking like normal vines, are waiting motionless a few foot above the ground and/or are hidden under old leaves on the ground. Touched by a victim they spring into action and wrapped around the prey. If the prey struggles, the plant detected it as something living and dragged it to one of it's trap-leaves.

Catched in one of the traps the victim continuing squeaming and wriggling as the trap slowly close around the prey. The trap is build up of a outer, hard shell, like a clam shell, and the inner tissue that will start to secreting slime, swell on and squeezing the victim to death.

At last the flexible, muscular tissue will dragging and kneading the victims limbs (mostly legs or arms) in, that may still stick out of the trap-leaves and than closing completely.
Digestion will last about only one day. After dissolving the prey the trap will open again, rid off reaming bones and is ready for the next catch.

Cutted off tendrils or traps will be grow new in a few weeks.

Best way to escaping a hydravora is "playing dead" if the tendrils are seized you. If you are already pulled in a trap, try quickly to cut the "hinge" of the two trap-leaves with a sharp knife. Don't simply stab into the inner tissue, or the tissue will swell on in a few seconds to immobilize and kill you.

The Hydravora life in swampy areas, hidden behind dense foliage and other trees and plants. It goes the legend, that the blossoms stamen contains a psychedelic drug that is used by some native tribes. To get on the blossom, catched enemies of other tribes were tossed into the plants tendrils and when all six traps are fed up, it's possible to get on the blossom without any danger.


After Ya-Te-Veo this was my second complete 3D-monster that i have modeled, textured an rigged from scratch. I hope that you may find it useful in your runtime and don't forget to feed it properly with damsels from time to time... Have fun! :evillaugh:

Hydravora in action:
Not The Garden of Eden by Tuffers-Art Lara vs. Hydravora by ancestorsrelic The Legend of Hydravora by Jedah1984 Into the Maw by LordXarnor The Cliff Underside by LordXarnor Plant Bondage by IronHawk-R
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Is there an update for this in Blender?