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Big Cat-Tongue for DAZ MilBigCat



After the unexpected success of my little Snake Tongue add-on for the DAZ Morphing Python and other 3D-creatures i modeled a similar add-on for the DAZ Millennium Big Cat too. As the DAZ Python the DAZ MilBigCat comes with the same flaw too: Only with a little build in-tongue with very restricted morphs that can't do much movements nor even realistic licking or yawning.

The Big Cat-Tongue is a little helper in the shape of an independent, rigged character for your runtime. More infos are in the "readme.pdf" that comes with the ZIP-file.

This little add-on is mainly made for use in DAZ-Studio 4 and higher, because you may need to add a "Smoothing Modifier" to remove some little distortions from the tongue.
The "Smoothing Modifier" of DS 4 and higher is a powerful tool but well hidden. ~shaungsimpson made a useful tutorial how to find and using it:
Once you have experienced the possibilities of this versatile tool you would probably use it over and over again (it's a  very effective "weapon" to fight poke-throughs too).

It works in older versions of DAZ-Studio too, but without the smoothing-modifier. It works in Poser too, but with much more edgy distortions than in DAZ-Studio.

Update Dec. 2013: And it works for the brand new DAZ BigCat 2 too, of course! The new Cat comes already with a rigged tongue (contrary to the restricted tongue-morphs of the old MilBigCat), but it's still a usable add-on for the new kitty too when it comes to yawning etc.
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arrrrrrrwwh fantastic thank you :)