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Desert Oasis 16

Haha, that took a while, didn't it? Well, every time I said I haven't abandoned, they weren't just empty threats.

Seriously though, I currently only have a fraction of the time I had in the spring and last winter (Jesus was it really so long ago I started??) to work on this. And since I want DO to remain a labour of love it will be trickling out much slower these days. Please be patient and or find a a better comic with a more regular update schedule XD

To my newest watchers, if you're wondering what the crap this is, go here:…

Everyone else, thanks for checking back! :b

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OMGs! I must know what happens!
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Good Lord, I love the way you draw people. So beautiful!

when the guy's falling from her grip, she looks like she's throwing away a piece of paper.  (which, for her, its as easy as, at least physically)

superb work.

>What are you waiting for?  Instructions
:)  :)
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Awesome! :D 

Love this :p
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YAAAAAAAY!!!!!! this is awesome!!1 :D 
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So glad to see this continue!  Keep up the good work, as and when you can.
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XDD You're awesome!!
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I'm so glad Desert Oasis is back :la: I missed it so much!
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It's good to be back! lol
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Seriously, the hot elf woman shouldn't have to do everything.
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Hahaha, right??
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Oh you know I'm right. My OC Rayna kicks ass all the time thinkin' 'Why just me?'
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wohooot! Miri is so cool! :squee:

that guy has meeeean teeth, ew!
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Aw, shucks.

...yeah, she is very cool. >>
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OH YES! I missed it so much!!<3
I need more! Seriously you are getting better and better any new stuff you post!
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Aww, thanks!

Now I need to work on getting faster and faster lol!
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You're welcome!

Ahah yes!
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Ahhh She's so great :D nonchalant tossing baddies around, choking 'em. I like the design of the panicked red text bubble - panicked, like the person who speaking it probably is. Just an awesome detail :D

I will keep waiting happily! :D  Why you may ask? Well: I shrieked when I found this one in the deviation stacks section. Whenever you have the time and the energy, keep on going :)
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