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Goofing Off with the Tablet by AnbuCaptainMasters Goofing Off with the Tablet :iconanbucaptainmasters:AnbuCaptainMasters 2 0
Mature content
Flowing Blood :iconanbucaptainmasters:AnbuCaptainMasters 0 2
Bloodied Crows
Struggling hard not to show my fears
Difficulty in hiding the tears
Blood on the floor but I’m not hurt
My heart is bleeding more on the inside
After all, didn’t you already stab me in the back.
I killed the doves you sent
They’re lying on the floor
Is this what you call an apology?
The hatred inside me rages
Like a thunderstorm in a plain
Cause every time I remember you
All I wish is that you would die
Shut up for once, I’m talking back for once.
Once you shut me up.
All I could do was only open and close my mouth.
Only wind went in and out of it.
No sound, nothing
My mind is filled with more sound than my mouth can make
Inside, a battle is fought
The sound is of a thousand swords clashing
A never-ending struggle to know what is right and wrong
And all I can do is remain quiet
Sitting in a pool of blood.
:iconanbucaptainmasters:AnbuCaptainMasters 0 0
Vida La Viva
I see this cursed place
Empty hearts
Shallow souls
Biting like the wolves of Siberia
Every step is like falling into a pit
Waiting to be buried like a corpse
Red, black and white
Symbolizing items I call death and his friends
I watch them in the garden
Apples in hands, they eat one by one.
Precious memories are gone.
As all of them disappear.
Lingering on at the funeral I waited
The souls of the departed left the earth
Where their bodies rejoined Mother
On Violet Hill
Where we wait for them to return
Though all of it is in our minds.
My bloodied face
I scream
Hoping to get out of here
Just die. Just die
Whispers in my head telling me to follow
I open my eyes.
It is pitch black.
:iconanbucaptainmasters:AnbuCaptainMasters 1 11
When I look at the sky
I see freedom
When I look at the city
I see another world
When I look at the trees
I see my family
When I look at the roads
I see oblivion
When I look at the paper
I see a new beginning
When I look at the coffee cup
I see a broken soul healing
:iconanbucaptainmasters:AnbuCaptainMasters 0 6
Mature content
Hatred in Society :iconanbucaptainmasters:AnbuCaptainMasters 0 13
Ten Reasons Why
Ten Reasons Why
the reason why I look at you
is not because I like you
the reason why I smile when you say my name
is not because I am laughing at your voice
the reason why I feel better when you're around
is not because of the drinks you bought
the reason why I stick with you when times are bad
is not because I have anything better to do
the reason why I hold your hands
is not because I thought your hands are cold
the reason why I keep your picture on the wall
is not because my wall is your own sanctuary
the reason why I get angry at you
is not because I have no present from you on my birthday
the reason why I am jealous
is not because you looked at another pretty girl
the reasons why I am sad
is not because she asked you out
the reasons why I don't tell you the truth
is not because I hate you
The only truth in this
is that I love you
and that is the reason why
:iconanbucaptainmasters:AnbuCaptainMasters 1 4
Mature content
Bloodied Hate :iconanbucaptainmasters:AnbuCaptainMasters 2 6
I am an outcast
Left alone in the dark
They keep telling me that they care
But reality is, that they really don’t
I am waiting
Waiting for that one chance to shine
But a copper coin isn’t gold
Why should I suffer?
Why should I care?
I don’t need them
I refuse to let them win
Their simple lies may tear me down
Though I am not worthy enough to trust people
I am an orphan
Waiting for them to find me
I am a hobo
Wanting a place to stay
I am a writer
Just wanting the approval of others
:iconanbucaptainmasters:AnbuCaptainMasters 0 0
Returning Love
The piano drones on and on
Its monotonous melancholy plays continuously
I can remember those days
At the school with you
You would hold my hand
And I would hold yours
The melody between us
It is like Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata
The air was so cool that day
My uniform flapped in the wind
While your hair was softly caressed by the soft tips of wind
I remember you holding me softly
My heart beat against my chest
I almost fainted then
Another time I saw you
Your face filled with despair
Watery eyes which tears failed to fall
As you told me why
My heart shattered into a thousand pieces
This clear sadness came over me
I ran away
I see you now
In the later years
You have changed greatly, I have not
Bitterness has changed me emotionally
The taste of separation still fresh in my mind
Surprise came over me
When you held me in your arms once again
Ice melted around my cold heart
Pain has forgiven me
For I am finally free
With you
:iconanbucaptainmasters:AnbuCaptainMasters 0 0
Looking Glass Windows
I look out of my window.
I see a man on the telephone
There is shouts of divorce
The man is leaving the mother
Her children gone forevermore
I see a house torn down
The home which held so many memories
More profit for everyone
I see a child wandering alone
Her mother's nowhere to be seen
No one looks at her and laughter can be heard
I finally see myself
Looking out at the window
Waiting for someone to pay attention
This lonely person
Alone in the room
She has no one to laugh with
The human realm
So shallow and hateful
Ignorance is bliss
Humans only fight for themselves
Their selfishness is their own problems
So don't involve me.
:iconanbucaptainmasters:AnbuCaptainMasters 0 0
Hold the phone
These people talking loudly
They know not of the silent voices
Ignorant of how they say what they want
The voices
Keep trying to scream out their worth
So soft that they only manage barely but a whisper.
Not audible enough for a dog to hear
Do we only hear what we can only bear?
We keep saying something
Only just to find them drowned out
Lost in a river of sound.
Its so profound
That every time we say a noun
Gets lost and washed away
Do they have to get hurt for attention
Too much tension
From the others who demand perfection
We keep hiding under from detection
What are we, some sort of dyslexic?
I guess so, you heinous prick.
Keeping us down with nothing to say
Goodbye I guess, the last thing we're going to do.
:iconanbucaptainmasters:AnbuCaptainMasters 0 3
Memories of Instruments
Drums play to the sound of soldiers marching
It like a song of farewell
It is full of soul
Robust and affectionate
I bid those appirations
I hear a guitar
Strumming softly to a lover
The Spanish rose.
Soft and sweet
A harmonious melody
Never forgetting the dreams made together.
A piano singing in the orchestra
Reminding us of sacrifices made
A lost dream. A forgotten friendship
What kind of things we have stepped on
Just to get unnecessary things.
We should remember what we lost.
Music instruments
They remain forever
The soft wood remembers the farewells
The keys never forget the tears
Even strings never lose sight of the love.
:iconanbucaptainmasters:AnbuCaptainMasters 0 2
Wishing Star
Falling lost dreams
Which fell from so high
It shattered into a thousand pieces
Like broken candy on the streets
Picking them up
Seems like a chore
As broken pieces of candy melts in the sun
They stick on my hand, a reminder of the past
Torn hearts
Pulled so tightly
That the last string snapped
Was seeing the act done
Like falling stars
You can only wish
With palms closed so softly
The sparks crackles as the last fires die
:iconanbucaptainmasters:AnbuCaptainMasters 0 2
Beautiful Rose
Time passes me so slowly
It is like I don’t care anymore
Without you, it is an eternity
My life is like an hourglass
Doomed to be reset again
I had never realized
That time spent with you
Was more valuable than a thousand treasures
More precious than a life
I was never worthy of this gift
Like a crystal rose blooming in a desert
Beauty hidden in harshness
You were my everything
Fool was I,
To make such a foolish mistake.
Letting you go
I forget life itself
This cold grave
In which houses
Items so precious to touch
Your love, my mortality
I leave my roses and tears
Even if my life diminishes
My heart will never forget
As my heart grows weary
I can always remember your smile
Finally when my lips breathe last
It will never forget
That kiss
On that cool autumn day.
:iconanbucaptainmasters:AnbuCaptainMasters 0 9
Doggone.. by AnbuCaptainMasters Doggone.. :iconanbucaptainmasters:AnbuCaptainMasters 0 4


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