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If you look at a world map, you'll see a multitude of mountainous, dry countries to the east of India and China. These are the “stans”: Kharaabistan, Faqeeristan, Mazloomistan... Our focus falls on Mahroomistan, a landlocked puzzle piece easily mistaken for the surface of Mars.
During the Cold War, Russia was looking for more countries to envelop. One ambitious councilman said, “Hey, what about Mahroomistan?” They couldn't burrow any further into Europe without inconveniencing NATO, but they had a quota to meet, so before long tanks were rolling over the Mahroomi border.
We may liken the United States to a man in a suburb standing behind a picket fence watering his petunias. His neighbor, the USSR, walks up the street to Mahroomistan's house. Mr. Mahroomistan sits on his porch in a rocking chair smoking a pipe.
“Why hello Mr. USSR!” Mahroomistan said, “What brings you to-”
The USSR raises a gun to Mahroomistan's head and p
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Oedipal Alpha Testing by Anayo-s Oedipal Alpha Testing :iconanayo-s:Anayo-s 3 2
Billy and the Weird Chat Room
Billy and the Weird Chat Room
by Ben Knox
Billy stood in line in front of the video game store. The line of excited people stretched from the cash register all the way out into the depths of the shopping mall. Within the store itself, a hologram glimmered above the customers' heads, filling the otherwise wasted space with commercials to stimulate everyone into spending more money.
The hologram commercial showed a teenage boy reclining with a game controller in a dreary room. With each button he pressed, a chubby, mustachioed man on the TV smashed his head against a brick wall and a dissonant tune tinkled on a xylophone. The teenager sighed.
Glorious color flooded the room; Handel's "Halelujah" chorus trumpeted at full blast as two smiling, buxom angels floated inside. They came bearing a virtual reality headset which they placed on the awestruck teenager's head like a crown.
The teenager's surroundings morphed into a green wireframe grid. An electric guitar wailed, followed by
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But You'll Void My Warranty!
"But You'll Void My Warranty!"
by Ben Knox
You are a robot. We avoid using 'the R word' in public, though, since when the public hears that, two things come to mind. The first is unmanned war machines, which are projected to replace 50% of our flesh and blood armed forces over the next decade. The second is androids, sold as girlfriends or boyfriends for their human masters. Just like the shrinking armed forces, marriage and birthrates have declined in all countries where such androids are sold. This has led many people to distrust and resent robots.
You were designed to challenge this status quo. We believe that with hard work, domestic robots can earn a more positive public image. Our marketing campaign depicts you playing baseball with your young master, tutoring your young master with his or her math homework, helping mom to wash the dishes, helping Dad work on the car...
Your animal-like appearance plays no small part in your role as the benevolent family helper. The artists who d
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by Anayo
Eric was driving in his car with his wife.
"Humph." his wife said with her arms crossed and a sour look on her face.
"What's wrong, babe?" Eric said.
"Oh, gee, I dunno. Why don't you look at the calendar and tell me."
"But I'm driving."
An exasperated sigh. "It's our anniversary, Eric."
"Hmm, I wonder what else you forgot?"
"I'm sorry, babe, I've just been so busy with work and-"
"Remeber to change the oil on the car?"
"But it's not due yet."
"Did you prime the foozulator?"
"Oh my gawd. You forgot to prime the foozulator."
"T-the mechanic never mentioned..."
The car's steering wheel lurched out of Eric's hands. Smoke belched from the hood of the car and pink toothpaste squirted through the air conditioning vents. There was a loud thump and a crunch and a bloody handprint on the windshield and a scream and the sound of a cat yowling and a decompressing accordion concluded by a crash. Staggering, Eric got out of the toothpaste-filled car and
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Bubble Bobble Dinosaur made out of Starburst candy by Anayo-s Bubble Bobble Dinosaur made out of Starburst candy :iconanayo-s:Anayo-s 32 12 Cardboard Octopus by Anayo-s Cardboard Octopus :iconanayo-s:Anayo-s 19 17
Will and Fred the Dolphins :iconanayo-s:Anayo-s 23 13


me when im bite this onion by Suitcasedog me when im bite this onion :iconsuitcasedog:Suitcasedog 112 1 Baby I've got those 90's vibes! by Retrodile Baby I've got those 90's vibes! :iconretrodile:Retrodile 196 4 she sneezes~ by IsaLimao she sneezes~ :iconisalimao:IsaLimao 94 13 im in love with you, sorry by Suitcasedog im in love with you, sorry :iconsuitcasedog:Suitcasedog 148 3 Street of rage 2 by Omegachaino Street of rage 2 :iconomegachaino:Omegachaino 90 25 Summer fox by SmokyJack Summer fox :iconsmokyjack:SmokyJack 110 5 Christmas mail by ThePandamis Christmas mail :iconthepandamis:ThePandamis 32 9 Birthday Otter by Temiree Birthday Otter :icontemiree:Temiree 255 44 Needle Felted Nick Wilde by YuliaLeonovich Needle Felted Nick Wilde :iconyulialeonovich:YuliaLeonovich 5,260 347 Robin Hood poses for Disney by David Kawena by davidkawena Robin Hood poses for Disney by David Kawena :icondavidkawena:davidkawena 1,007 61 #037 Vulpix by Kuitsuku #037 Vulpix :iconkuitsuku:Kuitsuku 759 20 Can I make you smile by Maria-Schreuders Can I make you smile :iconmaria-schreuders:Maria-Schreuders 1,293 407 Gfox- A fox her Doodle Dudes by spongefox Gfox- A fox her Doodle Dudes :iconspongefox:spongefox 142 23 Itsy Bitsy Mitzi by ninibleh Itsy Bitsy Mitzi :iconninibleh:ninibleh 132 4 Trooper Sketch by Nyaasu Trooper Sketch :iconnyaasu:Nyaasu 225 91 Feliciana's gift for Thistle by KASAnimation Feliciana's gift for Thistle :iconkasanimation:KASAnimation 117 13


What a delightful scene. The bright colors are so inviting. The exaggerated, kinda puffy ends of their paws and ears and tails adds to ...

It's exciting for me to follow someone on DA long enough to see that artist's work evolve and grow. I've liked your work all along, but...

I am very fond of anthros and of dragons, so this portrait has so much appeal for me. I feel like you sat down in a brainstorming sessi...

by bcnyArt

I feel like an art teacher could use this as a case study for how to draw a viewer's eyes in a pattern, resulting in a composition that...


What a delightful scene. The bright colors are so inviting. The exaggerated, kinda puffy ends of their paws and ears and tails adds to this feeling. And what they're actually doing in the scene is super cute so I feel like it'd be super endearing even if a less accomplished artist attempted it.

The only room I can see for improvement is that the rabbit on the left comes across to me as a rabbit only because of her ears. I don't think her face has the structure of a rabbit face, it just looks like a copy of the shape of the cat's face on the right (who genuinely does look quite like a cat from reality.) But I wouldn't worry too much about that cause it's just a lighthearted cartoon, not a lavishly detailed fantasy painting, and I had to stare at it for several minutes before it occurred to me. I really like it and I'm glad you posted it.


Ben Knox
United States
I finally played Undertale. It's basically an RPG with the graphics of Earthbound, the zany gameplay of Wario Ware Inc. Mega Microgames, the surreal sense of humor of Earthworm Jim 2, and the poignancy of Disney's "The Fox and the Hound". This is easily my 2015 GOTY.


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