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Theme song meme [[Llyr]]

Paramore-Last hope
While Wake me up is his main theme, Llyr does have a playlist if you are interested in other songs he relates to, in varying situations.
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I see you have updated le playlist. Can I has all the explanations for the new songs, por favor?

also it's really weird that you added Dear My Closest Friend bc I was this close to recommending that to you
also also Leave Your Lover by Sam Smith is legit PERFECT for them
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Aaaaand here you go~

Dear my Closest Friend- Another Llyrial song. Jerial was Llyr's first really good friend after he left the domain and doubled as a love interest so this songs lyrics really hit an emotional spot for him.

Hiding my Heart- This basically perfectly describes every feeling he has for Jerial (besides locations). "I met someone by accident, who blew me away" in particular striking him deeply as his first meeting with Jerial was a complete accident, he had not intended to meet anyone while fishing, and Jerial was someone he was able to warm up to very easily, so much so that it was almost unnerving for Llyr.

Make you Feel my love- Another sappy Llyrial song. But this one relating more to Jerial's love for Jung and how Llyr can't make him love him instead of the pretty fox. |D

The man who can't be moved- Relates to how Llyr is feeling about things with Jerial, figuring if he goes somewhere that Jerial will remember, perhaps he will find him if he changes his mind. Thusly, besides trips to help the resistance, he is mostly posted up in the town that Jerial and him first stayed in.

Far away - Moooooreeee Llyriallllll ( He isn't sore about that situation at all) He's been really missing Jerial lately, even if he is upset with him. With the way things went for them last he feels he is very far away from him emotionally as well as physically.

The only Exception- Relates not only to Jerial being the exception to his previous lack of love interest, but also relates to what his parents were going through when he was young and how it affected his life choices.

Better when I'm dancing- Llyr has taken up dancing as a way of stress relief since he and Jerial parted ways, partially because it reminds him of the gerudo, but also partially because it really does help to distract him, and this song is one he happens to like dancing to for that reason.

Dear no one- Is more self relatable than it reminds him of anyone. It reminds him of how he viewed things before taking interest in Jerial. It shows his conflict between wanting to just be alone again, as well as not wanting to look for love anymore, but being willing to accept it if it comes along in someone (Jerial or otherwise.)  Additionally on the same note, he likes to think if the opportunity arose he would be willing to let go of Jerial and accept someone else so as to not cause them the same pain that he was caused.

The heart wants what it wants- Loooooots of inner conflict. Llyr is slowly coming to realize that being as emotionally self destructive as he has been over what happened with him and Jerial  is not helpful. Part of him thinks letting go of Jerial and giving up on him might be better for him, especially after he had a heartfelt chat with Sugala about what happened. But he can't help but still have a soft spot for the Dancer, which again sends him into inner conflict.

Leave your lover- (At your own suggestion lol) Well, I shouldn't have to explain that one lol.
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I had a feeling a majority of these were Llyrial songs lol but geez, that's crazy! I had NO idea that Llyr's been back in that little town where they first met! Brilliant on your part as a writer, and all the feels for lil' Llyr. Oooooh he's taken up dancing too, huh? I had a feeling when I saw the song name. Oh gosh. The write up for The Heart Wants What it Wants. My heart, I can't. He's sorry, baby boy, he promises ;n;
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Awww thanks! ; u ;
The songs help him to vent his emotional stress. So he's getting there!
He realizes Jerial didn't mean to hurt him and is still coming to terms with it all, thusly leaving him a bit sour towards Jung, though he realizes it really isn't his fault either lol. But yes, he has taken up dancing, He's not nearly as good as Jerial, but at least he isn't tripping over his feet anymore xD
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I know he realizes that...but it still makes me wanna smack him upside the head...and it makes me miss our babus interacting, as painful as that would be now
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LOL. Saaaaaame. So maybe we need to strike up an RP with them > u >
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Maaaaybe we do >u> do a double one with Llyr/Cyril and then do a Llyrial one too?
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Ooooooo Sure 8D
I should probably actually reply tonight, since I have the time |D
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Sure, I can do that later tonight or tomorrow |D

FFFF I told you, I love me some flyleaf xD
Ohhhh that is actually not a bad suggestion. I may add it |D
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that's where you get his name awesome !
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I am confused? Lol his name has nothing to do with the playlist. I just named that list after him so that I could tell which of my youtube lists is his. xD
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oh he he anyway his cute ^^ i feel  like my oc is perfect to him hehe 
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Thanks! Unfortunately for your OC, his heart has already been claimed ^^;
Manahan-Aundrey's avatar
oh damn too badNo, I disagree!, he he i can't help it his so handsomeLove 
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Andi. That playlist. You're KILLING me.
I'm gonna need detailed explanations as to how every song relates to him, not only because I am a naturally curious (aka nosy) person, but because it is giving me all the feels
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XD I'll get on that once I am off the Satanic Galaxy since it LOVES to typo everything I write.
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PFFT understood. I'm holding you to that, though! You piqued my curiosity.
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Aaaannndd In order of playlist but not significance (other than his main theme):

Titanium: This is not really directed at one person but more as a way of dealing with the criticisms he receives from friends, family and strangers a like. He tends to try to roll off his back rather than dwell on them, and this song helps with that.

Stop and stare: He relates to this song in the sense of escaping from things he can't or wont change, such as his need to be away from his family. Originally he wanted his brother to leave with him, but they both decided that was not the best choice and Llyr left alone.

Setting sail, coming home: All about his Family and the choices he has made in leaving, and potentially coming home to the mess he left behind.

In my City: The Zora Domain will always be his true home. Leaving was a hard choice because he loved the atmosphere, but his issues with his family were too great to stay, so he left. He does however still hold a strong love for the place he was born, as it holds great inspiration and religious significance for him.

Who you are: Whenever Llyr is feeling down about himself, his past or anything really, this song is a pick me up to remind him that who he is, is not bad, he has just been through tough things in life.

Remember Everything: Ahhh this is a very emotional song for him. It touches base on his family issues, especially with his father, more than any other song on this list. Out of him and his Twin, Llyr was greatly frowned upon by his father and viewed as being the weaker twin and not the strong son who would carry on his name. This branched out into the problems he has with the rest of his family as well as the regrets he carries for the things he has said and put them through.

Like I'm gonna lose you: This was added after he had confessed to Jerial how he felt. Deep down he had a feeling he wouldn't be able to keep him and had thusly decided to take it for what it was and enjoys the good moments while they last. He still harbors the fear that he will lose Jerial to Jung, but cares deeply for him none the less.

Thinking out loud: Leading up to and after his confession, this is how he feels about Jerial. Despite what has happened and all the emotional turmoil he still holds on to the belief that eventually everything will be ok and that this is the person he will ultimately fall in love with forever.

Ain't nobody: Another song he relates to Jerial, because of how he makes him feel as a whole. Especially since he is his first love interest. 'Nuff said |D

Simple Man: Llyr's mother was the shining light in the darkness of his family's early years. While his twin was his closest friend, his mother was who he held in highest regard, and still does. Her wishes for him in life are highly relatable to this song. When he misses her, this is the song he thinks of.

Born this way: Another song where he embraces his imperfections, as well as the imperfections of the people around him. He accepts people for what they are, whether it is good or bad, they are born that way just the same as him.

Take me to Church: This song was intentionally written as a sexually themed one. But Llyr views it as personal sacrifice for the person you love and the sickness of worshiping that person to earn their praise or love. It partially relates to Jerial, but also reminds him quite a bit of his parent's poisonous relationship before they decided to split.

Losing my Religion: Losing my religion, is actually a southern term for losing one's temper. This is relatable as a way of coming to terms with how he feels about many things in life as he reflects on them from the outside looking in. ("That's me in the corner" Watching his past actions of "That's me in the spotlight" Losing his "religion", or temper.)

This is war: Basically exactly what it sounds like. This is his battle or war song.

Not Strong Enough: This is a Sugala motivated song, it relates deeply to his mixed feelings for his kidnapper. As much as he wants to stay away from her and her toxic feelings, he can't help but return to her out of sympathy for her pain. They do have moments where he actually likes her as a person, but not romantically despite her constant pursuit of him.

Elastic Heart: Elastic heart relates directly to his ability to bounce back from almost everything, even if it means he has to break down first to compose himself again. While it is not directly related to Jerial, recent events with the two are relatable here, but it mostly refers to the abuse he endured from his family at a young age.

Stay with me: Recently added as a way of coping with how much he doesn't want to leave Jerial alone but accepts that he can not truly give himself to Llyr while he harbors feelings for Jung.

Once upon a dream: The moody air of this song is an almost bitter reminder that he had dreams of a future with Jerial, but knows that as he is now he cannot have him. But if he knows Jerial, he knows how things will turn out in the end, and that things will be ok. Or so he hopes.

What now: What now relates to many things in his life that make him emotional. It's literally his tantrum song. When he just needs to let out his frustrations at the world by being venomous, this is his song.

Great Escape: Directed at friends mostly as a means of escaping the things they cannot change. It's a means of getting a breath of fresh air to clear their minds.

Something I can never have: A bitter and venomous view of how he is feeling currently in love. It directly attacks how he views his last encounter with Jerial. While he would never be this venomous to Jerial in person, its his personal way of throwing a tantrum over what has happened. It will probably be removed if their situation changes, but for now it's a part of the list. (Thank you for the suggestion btw~)

This list will likely change and grow over time but that's what it has on it currently and why x3
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LOL iSwim! I will keep this one in mind if one day I do this meme lol!
Anyway, great drawing as always! It's a nice pose you gave him ^^. 
AnatomicAndi's avatar
xD I thought it was cute.
Thanks! I actually barely even did much with it, since I didn't really need to for a silhouette. So honestly, the anatomy is a bit off. But w/e I'm happy with it |D
Sora-Kingdom3's avatar
And it is cute indeed! I will think of it when I will do a modern RP with some Zoras lol.
Well since we indeed see only the silhouette, it's kind of hard to tell what is off so, nevermind really. It look cool (and graceful because... Well Llyr is lol) and that's all we needed I guess ^^. And if you are satisfied it's even the best ^^!
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