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Ru Sali

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Ru needed new art for his KoH app so I made him some ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
He has a few new scars, a slightly different haircut, and a new tattoo :iconeyesplz:
He's still the same dumb bird tho lmao
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ZalehoHobbyist Digital Artist
omg HE IS LOOKING SO GOOD. Big, buff burdo |D
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Ahhhh thank you!! ; O ;
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KittyKyomiStudent Digital Artist

Yaaay Andi art! its been so long! nice to see bird husband is back! <3
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LOL yes!

hdkhjkl I know.. I wish I had the time to draw more OTL
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follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
He looks so much older now and it's so strange to think about, considering how young it was when we first started using him (or at least it feels that way). As long as he hasn't started using dad jokes, we're still good.
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hdjskalhjk He's had a bit of time to grow up as a person, so I felt he needed a more mature look! But yeah it is crazy when you think about it dhjskla
Don't worry, the dad jokes wont set in until his children are actually born lmao.
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TwilitmystiqueStudent Digital Artist
god I've been swooning over this good, good husband content for like a day now and didn't even notice you gave him a lip scar and mmmmmthat's some gooood shit right there

I also love that he's just decided to forgo wearing a shirt entirely. Just pec cleavage for days
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SHjkdlshjakl Glad I could be of service lol
I figure, he's been through several fights since his original design, it's very likely he has picked up a few new scars along the way. Plus distinguishing facial scars areWhen the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon)

Honestly it's a surprise he's not just a nudist. dhsahdjaklhdjakl
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Loving his updated design! Your tattoo work is awesome!
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dhsjkadhjak thank you so much! ; O ;
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EveningDreemerHobbyist General Artist
it's the booooi!
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Holy hell? You sure this is the same bird??
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Lol he's grown up a lot |D
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Woo so glad the boy is back! I'm loving his haircut and his little vest<33
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Thank you!!
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MedizinerHobbyist Writer
Loving his new design! I especially love the design of the tattoos you've given him too! :D
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Ahhh Thank you!
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MedizinerHobbyist Writer
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Sora-Kingdom3Student Digital Artist
Oh the good boi! We didn't saw him in a while! I must admit I didn't recognized him with that hair cut lol!
He is just as beautiful as before ^^! Different sure, but just as handsome!
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Lol he's grown up a lot since his FoH days!
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As awesome as always ;w;
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Ahh thank you!
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