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Yes I am aware I just revamped him. Shhhhhhh.

: Rų Saλi (Ru Sali)

Age: 27

Date of Birth: August 10th (Leo)

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 210

Gender: Male

Race: Hybrid (RitoxGerudo)

    +Large Axe [Named Ladykiller]
    +Bottle [Red Potion] undoes the last damage/wound received
    +Bottle [Blue Potion] undoes the last damage/wound received and allows for the drinker to extend the use of one of there skills by 1 turn or increase the damage the skill deals. drinker must announce which effect they want
Sentrobe Bombs: Once tossed into the air, these almost sentient devices will fly towards the enemy of the users choice, and explode with an electrical charge to deal damage and leave the enemy open for 1 additional attack. (limit 2 uses per RP)

Class/Occupation: Knight

    Class Skills
    +Thick Skin- The user receives an increase in defense which makes them impervious to long range weapons for 1 turn. Limit 1 use per rp.
    +Sharp Edge- When activated the owner of this skill is guaranteed to hit their target that turn, if using a physical weapon with a sharp edge. (Limit 2 times per RP. blunt weapons can not activate this skill)
    +Zeal-  Allows the user one burst of multiple attacks in a row (max 5) (once per RP battle if the skill owners health in below 30%)
    +Shield breaker- If the enemy is on the defensive and the knight attacks, the attack will break the enemies guard, allowing the user lands a hit. (limit 2 times per RP)
    +Outrage- Possibly the most over powered skill to date. the owner of this skill can be guaranteed all attacks and blocks will be successful for 3 consecutive turns. Limit 1 use per rp; has a 1 turn recharge after use. (User is vulnerable to attack at this time.)

    Race Skills
    +Galeforce- Allows the owner of this skill to create a whirlwind that pushes away even the heaviest of enemies leaving them winded and open for attack.. (Limit 2 uses per rp)
    +Charmer- Gains the ability to calm/tame Rideable animals how ever they can not keep more than one. (they get jealous ^^) -Remember mounts are not allowed to help in battle-
    +Razor Wing- The Rito with this skill can turn their feathers into sharp projectiles that cut through almost anything.
    +Hostage- This skill allows the user to grab an enemy of equal or smaller size to use as a shield or to be traded back to the enemy for +10 rupees. (Announce your intentions when activating, Limit 2 uses per RP, does not work on bosses)
    +Valoo's Blessing- The owner of this blessing will receive the Sky Guardian’s ability to breath fire. Once activated this skill will last 3 turns. (Limit 1 use per rp)

Alliance: Chaotic good

:bulletgreen: Attractive women (And sometimes men)
:bulletgreen: Music
:bulletgreen: Rain
:bulletgreen: Flying
:bulletgreen: Slacking off
:bulletgreen: Alcohol
:bulletgreen:Spending Vel's hard earned Rupees

:bulletred: Wrinkles
:bulletred: Heat
:bulletred: Filth
:bulletred: Chores
:bulletred: Sweets
:bulletred: Running
:bulletred:When Vel gets mad at him for no reason

Personality: Ru tends to not be the brightest crayon in the box. However, what he lacks in intelligence, he makes up for by being charming. Ru can talk his way in and out of just about any situation....unless he is dealing with his travel companion, Velaris. He has an extremely bad habit of spending his rupees, and Vel's, on alcohol and things to woo attractive men and women.

While Ru is generally friendly or charming, he can become a bit over protective or obsessive over people or things that he considers to be his. A prime example being his traveling companion, Velaris. While he does not see her as a love interest because she has made it clear she does not like him that way, he does recognize her as his closest friend. Therefore, she belongs to him. In the case of Velaris, he can be overly protective, often intimidating anyone who hits on her, as that is his job.

Ru is the child of a forbidden romance between a Rito and a Gerudo. His father, Aamani, was of the proud Rito race, whose family forbade his love for his Gerudo mother, Sarore. Their romance ended in Aamani being exiled from Dragon Roost Island in order to remain with Sarore, who had become pregnant. Shortly before Ru was born, his father left to fight in the war. He never returned and is believed to be dead, but no body was ever found. This left Ru to be raised by Sarore and her tribe. That is, until they hey made their home in Clocktown. Living in a small house that seconded as a shop front so his mother could make a living. Ru spent most of his childhood being home schooled by his mother while helping her run their shop. He had many daily chores, which eventually caused his distaste for them.

At some point in his childhood, Ru met a young Sheikah named Velaris. The young woman was reckless and wild, often running amok in town and often breaking things in her wake, or injuring herself in the process. Her behavior intrigued the Rito-hybrid, as she seemed like quite a bit more fun than the chores he did daily. After a few fairly awkward encounters, the two became unlikely friends. Velaris, despite being reckless and impulsive was otherwise quiet, loyal and generally uninterested in others romantically. While Ru was loud, demanded attention of the people around him and would flirt with about anything with a heartbeat, a trait he had likely gained from his Gerudo mother. Despite their differences, the two were inseparable.

Once he became a teenager, he began running deliveries for the shop, as it was much faster than waiting on the post man. By now he had also obtained his father's dragon scale, the only thing that was ever recovered after his father disappeared. His flight ability allowed Sarore to sell her wares to people outside of Clocktown, making it easier for them to earn the money they needed to live in their small home. They even Took on Velaris as a peddler of sorts, to further expand their revenue. Quite often Vel and Ru would be sent out together for deliveries or to buy new stock elsewhere.

The years passed by, and they were able to make enough money that Ru and Vel would not be required to work in the shop anymore. His mother had all the money she would need to keep it running while he was allowed to do some adventuring of his own. Which brings us to where he is now, Ru travels across the land in search of any clues as to where his father may have gone, but also does what he can to help out anyone in need along the way.

:new: Ru is currently the muscle for a merchant's caravan called the "Sunrise Striders". His business partners being Velaris, and a Keaton named Kohaku.

Other information:
:bulletblue: Ru is Bisexual, but has a strong preference for women.
:bulletblue: Ru has hidden tattoos
:bulletblue: He also has hidden scars
:bulletblue: Due to being only half Rito, his hair is whiting at a much slower pace, making him appear to be greying like a normal humanoid.
:bulletblue: Ru can fly, but not for long, as he is heavier than a normal Rito.

See Rp Tracker
Relationship status: Taken by this gorgeous bird.

Mount Info:

Name: Falhófnir (Fal, or Stupid Horse)
Gender: Male
Temperment: Likes Women (Much like Ru) but is not particularily fond of Ru. He puts up with his new partner, only acting up occasionally, but by no means likes him. Women on the other hand, Fal will act on his best behavior for, especially if it yeilds the reward of sugar cubes or carrots.

Rp method: Note, Chat and Skype

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BoboSan16Student Digital Artist
Oh no, he's gorgeous ;;
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I know, it's a problem |D
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BoboSan16Student Digital Artist
A glorious problem ;; And I really like how you designed him! It's a really cool take on his hybrid race <3
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ahhhh thank you! ; O ;
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BoboSan16Student Digital Artist
You're so welcome <3
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Why use a horse if you can fly, though? x.x

Love the art nonetheless. And really creative, too, I expecially like his axe.^^
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Lol he got a free mount with one of his skills. Tbh he mostly uses the horse to pull cargo for his group or to carry the injured.

Thanks! Ladykiller is actually pretty fun to draw, and I hate drawing weapons xD
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skyquilHobbyist Digital Artist
Call the police and the fireman because hot dayum he's too hot- //punted into the sun
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xDDDD //casually picks up the phone then//
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WheelzzzHobbyist Writer
This is a giant birb-man with a giant axe.

Alfeera: --Snuggles Fal and feeds him sugar cubes-- <3
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Makes you wonder if everything about Ru is big //shot over and over

Fal: //Seems to be ok with the cuddling since he is getting snacks.
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WheelzzzHobbyist Writer

Alfeera: <3 //Strokes Fal's nose and neck, feeding him treats// Best horse.  Good horse. <3
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Fal: //Whinnies happily while consuming tasty treats//
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WheelzzzHobbyist Writer
Alfeera: >///< --squeals happily and kisses his nose--
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skyquilHobbyist Digital Artist
ohgosh the prettiest of men also has the prettiest of horses~

ok so because of the font you used, Fal looked like Fat for a second l,,,,D
im so sorry
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XD He totally does! Gotta impress the ladies after all~

Lmao yeah, Guard pointed that out and died laughing too. I didn't change it just for the laughs tbh |D
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oh dang Ru's got himself a pony. XD A Pony who sounds like he might have lots more luck with the ladies then his master rip
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XD yeah, Ru got the skill "Charmer" recently which granted him a mount, and thusly Fal was born. |D
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NaiveSpacemanStudent Digital Artist

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No, Dakota, he's 20% more RUster. |D
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NaiveSpacemanStudent Digital Artist
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WOAH Oh Noes! 
You seriously make the best freaking characters
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HDjsak;d Thank youuuu
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