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Llyr App -Fall of Hyrule-

By AnatomicAndi
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General Information

Name: Llyr
Nickname: Fishsticks, Maλatif
Pronunciation: Leer
Name Meaning: "the Sea"
Age: 25
Date of Birth: September 13th
Zodiac: Virgo (The Virgin)
Arcana: Temperance
Height: 6' 1" (185 cm.)
Weight: 150 lbs. (68 kg.)
Gender: Male
Race: Zora
Class: Healer/Monk
Occupation: Traveling Healer
Weapon: Knuckles
Sub-Weapon: Zoran Spear/Seashell Staff
Alliance: Lawful Neutral
Religion: Henotheism (Follower of Nayru, while Acknowledging Din, Farore and Hylia.)
Sexuality: Panromantic/Asexual/Jerialsexual
Marital Status: Single
Voice Actor (ENG): Zachary Quinto [[Spock]]

Battle Information

Class: Healer/Monk
Proficient Weaponry: Staves, Spears and Fists.
Signature Weaponry: Reinforced Staff of Whacking

Race Skills ]
Diamond (Bullet ver.)Moist Scales- Allows for Zoran to be on land without any sort of device to aid their breathing (no limitation) In addition to their new found land legs this skill can be further activated once Per RP to give the Zora a +2 speed boost for 2 turns.
Diamond (Bullet ver.)Sharp Fins- Causes the Arm fins of the Zora with this skill to become as sharp as a blade. how ever they can not be detached from the body.(Limit 3 uses per RP)
Diamond (Bullet ver.)Zoran Spear- The owner of this skill can learn how to use a Zoran spear. When used in battle it has a 50% chance of poisoning the enemy to cause additional damage that turn. Along with gaining this skill the owner is gifted a Zoran Spear.
Diamond (Bullet ver.)Jelly Fish- Allows the zora to become electrically charged, stunning the closest three enemies for a turn. be warned if there are not 3 enemies near by you risk hitting an ally. (Limit one use per RP can not be used on bosses)
Diamond (Bullet ver.)Water Arrow- This skill allows the user to tap into their natural connection with water, allowing them to create an arrow of pure water that can be hurled at the enemy for a critical hit. If no water is present they can pull the water from the air. (limit 1 use per RP can not be used on bosses does not have a critical effect against water based monsters)

Class Skills ]
Diamond (Bullet ver.)First aid- grants healer an unlimited supply of physical medical equipment that can be summoned or put in an infinity bag. Using this equipment has the same effect as a red potion and has no limitations and can be used over multiple turns on the same character to continue recovering HP.
Diamond (Bullet ver.)Blessed- allows healer to use magic based healing techniques to heal an injured ally even if they’re far away. Each use is twice as effective as a red potion (limit 2 uses per RP)
Diamond (Bullet ver.)Friends with Benefits-  With a whisper and a chant this skill allows a healer to remove one injury from an ally of the same faction. (Limit 3 uses per RP)
Diamond (Bullet ver.)Tough Love- Don't piss off the doctor. They know more about whats fatal than anyone else. This skill give the user a 30% attack bonus for 3 turns. (limit once per RP.)
Diamond (Bullet ver.)Studious [Barrier]- creates an invisible force field  that deflects an attack and prevents damage from happening in the first place (doesn't work on guaranteed hit skills|| 2 uses per RP)
Diamond (Bullet ver.)Divine Protector- Bandages are good for healing, but they’re even better if they can prevent injuries from happening in the first place. This skill allows the healer to summon a dummy made of bandages and medical supplies to take the place of an ally. It prevents the ally’s attack from landing but also keeps them out of harm’s way. (Limit 2 uses per RP, the dummy can only take 1 hit before falling apart but can take the blow of a garanteed hit skills)
Diamond (Bullet ver.)Invisible Hand- The owner of this skill gains the ability to magically remove one severely injured or fainted ally from battle and transport them to safety. (limit 2 times per RP)

Diamond (Bullet ver.)Lotus Palm- Use your enemy’s force against them dodge one enemy attack and disarm them for 1 turn (limit 1 use per RP does not affect bosses)
Diamond (Bullet ver.)Iron Fists- after witnessing an ally from the same faction take damage, this skill can be activated giving a 20% strength boost for 3 turns (limit 1 use per Rp)
Diamond (Bullet ver.)Pressure Point- Allow the body to heal itself, when battle is low this skill can be activated allowing the monk to use their knowledge of pressure points to relieve their pain or the pain of an Ally (3 uses per RP, each use negates the damage taken from one attack) 
 Diamond (Bullet ver.)Little Mac- float like a butterfly sting like a bee, this skill allows you to dodge an incoming attack and deal the damage you would have taken back to the enemy as a critical hit (limit 2 uses per Rp)
Diamond (Bullet ver.)Fist of the Triforce- Power, courage, and wisdom. Use this skill to attack your enemy three times in a row in the name of each of the powers that be. (Limit 2 uses per RP)

Character Information

Personality ]

Diamond (Bullet ver.) Kind
    - The healer has a very kind heart, a fact that is sometimes his downfall. He does not wish to see anyone in pain and does what he can to ensure their happiness, even if it means casting aside his own.
Diamond (Bullet ver.) Easily Flustered
    - Llyr is rather easily embarrassed by the more lewd things in life. Even the most subtle of perversions can send the Zora into a flush so deep he resembles an eggplant.
Diamond (Bullet ver.) Insecure
    - Despite all the skill the Zoran possesses, Llyr often doubts himself and his abilities. This trait stems from a lifetime of ridicule from his father, and being told he was a disappointment as the first son.
Diamond (Bullet ver.) Patient
    - Having had 7 younger siblings, Llyr has the patience of a saint. It takes a lot to get under his skin. But if you do...tread lightly.
Diamond (Bullet ver.) Intelligent
    - Llyr spent way more time than he will ever admit inside of libraries of the domain in his youth. Preferring the company of his twin or a good book, the Zoran learned a great many things and possesses a vast knowledge. Even if he has not done something in practice, he is often familiar with it in theory.
Diamond (Bullet ver.) Witty
    - Possessing high intelligence, Llyr is often capable of witty comebacks when faced with the snark of others. Sometimes this wit is lost on the less intelligent though.
Diamond (Bullet ver.) Logical
    - Preferring Logic to emotional decisions, Llyr will often pick the logical answer over the biased one. This however is not always the case, especially when a certain Gerudo is involved.
Diamond (Bullet ver.) Disciplined
    - Restraint is a good trait to have, and Nayru knows that Llyr has it. His discipline coupled with his patience allows the Zora great control over his thoughts, actions and feelings. It also gives him the ability to advise those around him with the most beneficial options to their problems.
Diamond (Bullet ver.) Meticulous
    - Another trait that comes hand in hand with this man's high intelligence, is meticulousness. Llyr pays a great deal of attention to detail, allowing him to recall things he has learned long in the past as well as giving him the advantage of photographic memory.
Diamond (Bullet ver.)Paranoid
    - After having been taken captive, brainwashed and had his resolve tested by Lazarus, Llyr can be very paranoid of the people around him, sometimes questioning if they are actually there, or if they are really themselves. This paranoia also results in horrible nightmares.

Likes ]
✔ Logic
✔ Bodies of water
✔ Reading
✔ Vegetables
✔ Fruits
✔ Clothing and accessories
✔ Sunbathing
✔ Rain
✔ Meditation

Dislikes ]
✘ Fishing
✘ Meat
✘ Nudity
✘ Sunburns
✘ Extreme heat
✘ Large groups
✘ Small spaces
✘ Chains
✘ The Dark
✘ Lazarus

Historical Information

Biography ]
Llyr was the first child of an arranged marriage between Acionna and Osiris. He and his twin were the first born of 8 children. However, In Llyr's early youth, his parents ended up separating, Instead taking new, more fitting partners. This resulted in his 6 younger half-siblings. While his mother always accepted his choices and stood beside him, his father ridiculed and shunned him. As the first son, Llyr was intended to be a great fighter, someone who could honorably carry on the bloodline. What Osiris got instead was a boy with a vast intellect, and a lack of romantic interest in the women Osiris approved for his marriage. His family was broken, as was his heart. He sought acceptance and answers in the patron goddess of his people, Nayru. Following her teachings and desiring her wisdom, Llyr became openly devout to her.

By his teen years, Llyr had given up all hope of making his father proud, instead taking his anger, and allowing it to drive him in his quest for knowledge. Somehow, someday, Llyr would show him that he was worth something. That being a healer, and wanting to save lives was just as honorable as fighting for his people. However, he found that with time, the Domain had less and less to offer him in the way of new knowledge, and thusly he set out to explore Hyrule without a word to any of his family. He knew if he had told them, they would protest. Especially his father, who hadn't given up on his desire for Llyr to be a fighter, marry and provide him with grandsons.

Progress Report ]
In his travels across Hyrule, Llyr met many people. The biggest influences being a Moblin named Riku, and two Gerudo named Sugala, and Jerial. While the former Gerudo had been the one to kidnap him and take him on many quests, Llyr eventually grew to appreciate her company. Truly, she was not as terrible of a heathen as he had initially thought, just a large woman with just as many issues as he bore. Really, she just needed a companion who would be patient with her. Riku on the other hand, was a spirited girl. She had a lot of fight in her as well as a desire to learn. Llyr really took a shine to her, vowing to teach her to read properly, as she had never learned. This girl was actually the one who gifted him his reinforced staff. An Item he still holds dear. However, he would eventually come to find she had left the land of Hyrule without a goodbye, choosing to take to the seas on her own adventure.

Perhaps the most surprising parts of his new journey were learning of his own twin's comatose state after being gravely injured, and coming across his youngest brother Nereus. Never in his life had he guessed the boy would leave the domain, let alone to pursue him. At first their reunion was rocky. Llyr had been informed of a rather unfortunate turn of events with Nereus' twin, Nimue. One that could have been made a little better had he been there...but he wasn't. It seemed he had let more people down in his absence. After a lot of talking however, the two seemed to be on much better terms.

Lastly...there was Jerial. An exotic yet beautiful man from the shifting sands. Never before had anyone captivated Llyr like he had. Everything about the Gerudo drew him in, and he came to fall in love with him over time. But it would seem that fate had dealt Llyr a cruel hand, one he was not entirely unaccustomed to. The man he loved, loved another. It took time, but eventually he came to heal, even vowing to do anything in his power to ensure that Jerial could be happy and with the man he loved, Jung. It pained Llyr to the core, but he found that Jerial's happiness outweighed his own. This mindset ultimately lead to the darkest part of Llyr's life thus far. During one of the many temple sieges that Llyr aided, he fell captive to the enemy Demon Mask.

For what felt like months, Llyr spent time in a dark prison cell. His concept of time was distorted. With no real way to tell time, and having his mind frequently warped by the patron Forest Sage as she learned to control him, Llyr was not sure how long he had spent in his small cell. Slowly, insanity began to set in, creeping through the man's mind like a shadow until it finally began to consume him. He fought hard, but ultimately, it was Lazarus that pushed him over the edge. Taking the form of his beloved Jerial, Lazarus entered his cell, giving him the false home that he would be saved by the person he cared for most, only to take it all away as his would-be lover contorted into the shape of the sickly sheikah.

Personal Goal: Stop Lazarus at all costs from hurting those he cares about.

Miscellaneous Information

Diamond (Bullet ver.)A Reinforced staff [[of whacking]], gifted to him by Riku before her departure. Llyr often uses this staff to whack people over the head for being lewd in his presence. Or Rude, In Nereus' case.
Diamond (Bullet ver.)A Zoran Spear
Diamond (Bullet ver.)Seashell Earrings, gifted to him by Jerial.
Diamond (Bullet ver.)Deku and Poe Plushies, also gifts from Jerial.
Diamond (Bullet ver.)Din's fire, a gift from the goddesses after the fire temple for his valiant efforts!
Diamond (Bullet ver.)Medical bag
Diamond (Bullet ver.)Bottle [Empty]
Diamond (Bullet ver.)Bottle [Deluxe blue Potion]

Other Information ]
Diamond (Bullet ver.)Llyr, like most of his siblings, is named after a Water deity.
Diamond (Bullet ver.)While he does not require clothing, Llyr finds Zoran nudity distasteful outside the domain.
Diamond (Bullet ver.)On the same topic, Llyr hides many of his scars with elegant clothing to avoid the pained looks from his loved ones when they see them.

Relationships ]
Click here for Llyr's relationship tracker!

RP Method ]
Diamond (Bullet ver.) Skype (Friends Only!)
Diamond (Bullet ver.) Chatroom (Only When Available)
Diamond (Bullet ver.) DeviantArt Notes (Fastest Responses)

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Franken-FishStudent Traditional Artist
Ahhhh boi is back ;O;
he needs therapy poor boy ;3; someone hug him, it's all right ;3;
AnatomicAndi's avatar
He is! and I am so glad to have him back! ; v ;
He really needs it tbh. Poor guy has had so much to deal with
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Franken-FishStudent Traditional Artist
we're all glad to have him back ;y; FoH needed it's prettiest feesh back~~~~~
also omg im not sure if that's too soon or not but maybe i could get Willow to try and help, i can finally send that starter to you, maybe? or is it too soon/are you not upfor it anymore ;y;?
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No, we can totally do that! It would have to take place a day or two after the temple because I have a few other RPs going for the poor guy and I want the timeline to make sense, but I am absolutely open to this!
I will warn you though I do reply slow sometimes though. Like REALLY slow (Ask Sora, he knows) |D;; but I will get back to you!
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Franken-FishStudent Traditional Artist
ohhh im fine with both ^^ the timeline is not really a consern for me, it can take time whenever you find it appropriate ^^ and i take a long time to reply as well so, don't even worry about that ^^''
awsome, i will write a starter shortly...and this time i will ACTUALLY do it, i promise X'D also do you have any preference for the location or set up?
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xD Alright! I'll look forward to it then!

Resistance camp would probably make the most sense, as he will need to be looked after and cared for with the injuries he has obtained as well as the mental scarring x'D
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Franken-FishStudent Traditional Artist
all right, that would be logical >3>
i'll get right to it ^^
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Sora-Kingdom3Student Digital Artist
AAAAAAAH! It's so nice to see him not MIA anymore! Really, if the quest didn't broke what was left of my feeling and heart I would be crying crocodiles tears! But just seeing that... Arg all those feels were worth it!
I hope Llyr will be able to get over all he lived! I'm sure he will be able to with some time, and the help of all the people he loved and love him back! Good luck prettiest fish! And please, trust me if I say that nobody is  going to blame you for what happened!
(why am I getting more concerned about a fictional character that real people? Sometimes I think something is getting wrong with me!)
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Ahhh you and me both Sora! I'm so glad to have my fish back!
I'm sure he will get over it in time! He has a lot of good friends who can help him through these rough times!
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Sora-Kingdom3Student Digital Artist
He sure has a lot of friends to help him going through that! Besides, Sugala will certainly make sure nothing bad happen to him ever again! I hope Sora will be able to met him again soon enough. They don't know each other, but the first girl will certainly wish to help him in some ways!
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Cries softly... Welcome back beautiful Zora ;;<3 
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dhajkdahjdkal thanks Gracu! I'm so glad to have my baby back!
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qq 💕💕 np andi!
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Don't worry Andi, we'll find the poor fish ASAP...we can't do anything without his sassy mouth |'D
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*reads new history blips*
GASP noooooooooooooo not Rael ;A;
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If I can ever finish his comic, you will know more |D
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runtyiscute1999Student Digital Artist
he's so freakin pretty.
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ahdjkald Thanks!
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skyquilHobbyist Digital Artist
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ahdjakdahjkl thank you! ; u ;
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fish you always change up you clothes!
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He is too fabulous to be limited to a single outfit though!
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follyoftheforbiddenHobbyist Writer
Well that came out ten thousand times better than I could have ever imagined it in my head :lovely: 
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Lolol it came out better than I thought it would as well. I'm super happy with it, it's actually my favorite revamp so far!
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