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That's the coolest deviation I've seen in a long while

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This is wonderful! I need a poster of this.

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A crossover episode...

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Prepare to die
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Prepare to die!!!
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Prepare to die
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I love the detail! Also, prepare to die!
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Prepare to die
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Awesome (as always)! But man, you're coming out with these paintings fast. I wish I was half as prolific. How long do you take on average per painting?
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This one is a old painting, but i can spend 30h on a painting, or just 30 min ! ^^
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That's helpful to know actually, thanks!
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Prepare to die.....again
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Prepare to die. On a slight off-topic, this painting is gorgeous. I feel like you managed to upgrade this character to a while new level.
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Prépare toi à mourir ? :D
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Jokes on you, I already have this faved! But I also already have the season pass, and have already prepared and died, so I'm just here to say this artwork is cool as hell! Good luck everyone. :)
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Prepare to die! XD
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Prepare to die!
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Prepare to die
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Hey ! You have to fav the deviation, not the journal to be choose ! :) Thank you ! ^^
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I fav'd both btw
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