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Rest in Peace Kentaro Miura... how fitting this painting suddenly is

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It's such a peaceful setting/view... but the title tells it all. How could you ever find peace in this world, in which every peaceful interlude seems to be as fragile as a paper-thin ice layer on a river?

Also: Knowing that those five "angles" always know where you are and probably watch you all the time, would certainly cause me some giant unrest.

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¡Fucking awesome!
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Incroyable contraste !
Guts, si un jour il trouve la paix, ressemblera sûrement à cette vision.
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Love the mood of this picture. :heart:
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This represents us waiting for the next chapter to come out, doesn't it. 
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My god.....this is Amazing!!!!
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pretty cool... well the shadow of guts is on the wrong side, but thats a small detail - besides that, its pretty amazing. love the beard detail and the colours/whole atmosphere. :)
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OMG I had to do a double take to make sure that wasn't a photomanip.  That is the freaking epitome of realistic!  Consider my mind officially blown.
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Hey ! I fact its a mix with pthomanip and illustration ! :) 
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Woooooah this is really amazing! I love the colors and the feelings I get... it is like a picture from the 19th century, undefined lines and a message done in colors. I really love this one, one of the best Berserk fanarts around and, for sure, one of the best art pieces I’ve ever seen! 
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Thank you very much ^^
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