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So does it eat the night or is it an eater that just only comes out at night?
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Spectacular and amazing
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Ohhh, very unnerving!
It reminds me of Griffith just pre-Femto
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this is now by fave
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Ohohohoh beautiful. I love how to creature doesn't emanate a feeling of terror, it just is what it was created to be. Not evil or good.
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In love with this one 
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That is pretty scary.....but I love it!!!!!
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fantastic work!
it looks to me the monstrous deity is devouring the night sky but the night spills out of its body as if the creature is the night itself and it is only trying to get together its collapsing form by consuming itself over and over again making a full cycle.
I'm probably over-thinking but the atmosphere gives a mystical feelingMeow :3 Meow :3 Meow :3 
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No, you're totally right ;)
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I love its subtle dynamism and colours <3
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Is it two hours from start to finish or with breaks of time in between?
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In general I spend two hours in a row on the illustration. I wait a dozen hours without looking at the drawing, and then I finish and poffine some details. It's always better to wait because it allows to have a fresh look on the illustration :)
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Oh cool!

Yes, I'm familiar with the fresh look method, many writers and musicians do the same thing.
i feel really stupid asking this but is this from anything like a story or game?

i am desperate to know the full tail of this collection of pictures 
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This a personnal work, but maybe one day a game or a book :) 
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